Suggestions for orexigenics

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  • Looking for an orexigenic (appetite stimulant) to increase my intake. While I am not currently having any issues keeping to my timers, I feel I lack sufficient hunger for consuming the volume of clean food necessary to induce weight gain. I think I might have hit a plateau on my initial weight gains, and I do not intend to eat ‘dirtier’ than I currently am.

    Ive heard of some cannibinoid derived compounds that might do the trick, so im here asking what and where I can find something that works. Got some snake oil off of Amazon after having many issues with password issues on my original account I made a new one just to ask this question.

    I am currently researching Megestrol (Megace) for this purpose.

  • @SecondAccount ask your doctor for periactin. Google it first though pretty sure it would help.

  • @SecondAccount GHRP-2 + MOD. Can use GHRP 6 if you really want to get it going.

  • Mk677 will give you a steady increase in your appetite from the ghrelin stimulation it causes.

  • @SecondAccount GHRP-6 always gave me an unquenchable appetite back when I used it. I would take three sub-q shots a day, and within 30min I was stuffing myself beyond being sick.

  • @beefee321 for real. I never tried GHRP 6 but GHRP 2 gave me crazy appetite. highly recommended. also improved skin, sleep, etc because of the GH boost. I honestly just got tired of pinning it 3x a day and then waiting 20 minutes or whatever to eat.

  • MK677 - Makes me ravenous but makes me lethargic. If increasing your appetite is the goal give it a shot.

  • yeah I dunno about lethargy. im already having seriously hard mid-day crashes but the fatigue from these short, fleeting slumps is insane. I keep telling myself its my circadian rhythm being so damn out of whack, (which is true) but I cant help but think other factors like caffiene (like in Preworkout and ECA) are contributors when applied.

    Im telling you man, these slumps can cut right through an injection day and anything else im taking beforehand. If im sufficiently stimulated it will NOT result in a nap, but a kind of ‘zombie state’ where I just have to lie down and… I dunno, relax for an hour or two.

    Maybe im not having enough carbs?

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