Colonial Labs Test E 250mg/wk 1538 ng/dl 6.15x

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  • Link to Bloodwork
    Source @Colonial-Labs
    Test Ester Running Enanthate
    Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 250mg
    Other Compounds in Cycle
    Weekly Dose Other Compounds (mg)
    Weeks Run 5
    Draw Time from Last Pin 80 hours
    Blood Results
    Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 1538 ng/dl
    Testosterone Multiplier 6.15x
    Test Capped at 1500? No
    Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml 39 pg/ml
    Liver/Lipids Elevated? No
    Anything Else Goes Below Overall been super pleased!
  • @eddygear Awesome, thank you for sharing bloods man! Great numbers. The draw time is a little off (you would have had a higher reading with 36-48 hour draw time), but no biggie I can still give you credit :) I’ve replied to your email.

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