Primo PiP - How to prevent/reduce it

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  • Hey guys,

    So I bought primo from a source here on the site. A source I’ve been using for 3+ years and had ZERO problems with Pip.

    However, with primo I’m literally crippled for 4-5 days after pinning. First time trying primo but I’ve been told that PiP is to be expected with anything over 100/ml. Mine is 150/ml.

    I pin again tomorrow and my plan is to warm up the vial and massage & apply heat to the injection spot post injection.

    Any other suggestions? Also anyone else have this problem w/ Primo? Thanks!

  • Which source please?

  • Based on personal experience I wouldn’t worry about pip with Primo E. I inject 2-3ml 200mg/ml Primo E on the regular with no issues.

    What is your injection protocol like? Warming the compound up could help make it easier to inject. You can also grab some Salonpas patches to help deal with some of the pain but that’s more of a quick fix for the PIP you already have.

  • @lynxpoint I didn’t reveal the name of the source because I don’t want to inadvertently bash their name when it could just be the compound itself. Literally everything else I’ve used from them has given me zero issues.

  • @TripleBSolutions 2-3 ml of 200mg/ml primo??? Damn.

    I’ve been pinning glutes twice a week for the past 3 years so I know how to pin correctly. I’m thinking it’s maybe the oil then. MCT oil hasn’t treated me well in the past so I have a feeling the source might be using that for this blend.

  • @BuffMonkey I’m hooked on it.

    I didn’t mean to imply you don’t know how to pin, just trying to help.

  • @TripleBSolutions Oh, no offense taken! Just wanted to be clear that I’m not a new user lol.

    I normally don’t warm up the vials prior to injection since everything else I use is made w/ GSO and that gives me zero PIP.

    Hopefully warming them up does that trick. If not, I’m going to split the dosage and pin more frequently. I have 3 vials so I’ve gotta make this work lol.

  • @BuffMonkey You could also cut it with other compounds that don’t give you any pip and see if that helps!

  • @TripleBSolutions Good call! Right now my ratio is 1.5 cc of primo and 1.5 cc of test C. I’m sure something will work lol. Thanks man!

  • @BuffMonkey it’s because of the concentration most likely. As @TripleBSolutions stated you should cut it with other compounds or pin more frequent lower doses

  • That’s weird, I’ve never had PIP from Primo.

    But, try to dilute it with something that doesn’t give you PIP like testosterone. Or sterile/filtered GSO.

    Only thing that ever gave me PIP was DHB.

  • I’ve also been experiencing really bad pip with primo e 200mg/ml in MCT that I bought recently from a vendor here. I started using 1" needles and ensuring I’m getting deep into the muscle and the pip has gotten better over trying to do shallow IM with 1/2" slin pins, but the pip is still a bit rough. I’m not super experienced with compounds other than test c so I’m not sure what to expect though.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 Yeah I have a feeling it’s either the concentration or the carrier oil (MCT) that I’m not reacting well to.

    I’m going to split my two 1.5 cc injections into three 1 cc injections and warm up the oil prior to pinning. Hoping both of those make a significant difference. Thanks.

  • @glibswol Yeah I’ve been pinning for about 9-10 years now and haven’t had this level of PIP since my newbie years lol.

    I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

  • @Avoman My friend has had similar issues w/ primo told me he makes sure to massage the area post injection and applies heat. He no longer has issues w/ primo PIP.

    I’m going to try that tonight along with dropping my dosage to 1cc 3x a week and warming up the oil. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

  • Can you guys just name the source? If you name the source it isn’t ‘bashing’ the source, its literally just you being honest and helping other members be more prepared. In my case I’m considering 200mg/ml primo from Colonial and if you tell me their primo (just an example, not “BASHING”) has pip then I will be prepared for it instead of being surprised. Its kind of a big deal when you say youve been pinning for 10 years and never had pip like this.

  • @lynxpoint LnL. Found out the carrier is GSO. I normally don’t have issues w/ GSO so it’s definitely the compound itself.

  • @BuffMonkey Thank you.

  • Just wanted to share. Some people do get pip from primo, some more than others, and clearly depends on the brewer and the concentration.

    I had one that crippled me but it was an alcohol issue, not from a source on here.

    Most brewers I have tried here are pretty smooth. Most recent @Colonial-Labs, and I just tried @TripleBSolutions have some pretty damn well brewed primo for 200mg/ml. This is excellent for me as primo is usually a higher compound for me.

    I will try @ThatSteroidGuy 100mg/ml shortly.

    Not saying others are bad, just saying what I have used. Hypothetically of course

  • @BuffMonkey There is some anecdotal evidence that has recently surfaced which indicates Masteron may have an analgesic effect when combined with other compounds. I have been looking into this and it is a bit elusive but I have tried it with some notoriously Pippy products such as DHB and Tren Ace200 and there seems to be something there. I’m waiting on the ultimate pain compound, that is bold ace, that will be the definitive test. But if you have some laying around then you might give it a shot. Draw up some mast and some primo and make sure they combine by drawing up air in the pin and turning over and over. See how it does.

    Hope that helps,

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