Deoxycholic Acid (Kybella) for permanent fat reduction

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  • Deoxycholic Acid is to fat catabolism as GH/IGF-1 is to muscle anabolism - it’s permanent killing of fat cells over a period of time. Anyone know where to get injectable Deoxycholic Acid? Its FDA approved for fat loss and works miracles for love handles etc.

  • @buffbro1 said in Deoxycholic Acid (Kybella) for permanent fat reduction:

    Deoxycholic Acid

    Surprisingly, Amazon. It is expensive at 200 per set of 10 vials. Cosmetic websites too. From a quick search it appears to be very unregulated. Aqualyx seems more readily available. Found this information on protocols: presentation @ hani.pdf

    apparently requires a special kind of needle and a special injection technique, from what I can gather you slowly withdraw while still injecting. Looks uite technical.


  • @Septicanon Ha you’re right. AQUALYX is all over the internet. It’s not Deoxycholic Acid but a modified salt but does have a ton of good reviews and research on pubmed. At $200 for 10 vials, its a pretty good deal for permanent’ish fat loss. 4 are typically enough for love handle/belly fat removal based on research.

    My only concern is around the needle. A the ones they recommend are 100mm 24G but my plan was to use 5/8th 27G.

  • @buffbro1 from that powerpoint I shared its quite a tecnical injection, not the usual subq that we’re used to. Starting at 2:08 see how he injects while slowly withdrawing?

    If it was me (and I’m looking into this for myself tbh) I’d stick with the type of needle and gage recommended, less chance of fucking it up. Those needles are expensive though and I have a feeling they’re standard needles with a fancy name and packaging. I’ve seen 25g 70-100mm being used in most videos/presentations.

    Edit: Fuck I’ve just realized its a 10cm needle, going in at 30-45 degrees. Is this for really fat people you have to wonder as there’s no way a 10cm needle isnt piercing through my abs no matter how slanted it is when its goes in

    Edit2: This video is super informative, its in Spanish but it guides you through the process step by step.

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