Domestic flights with gear?

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  • So im gonna be traveling next week domestically and im in the middle of my first blast. how can i transport test, AI, syringes/needles, cialis and var without getting caught or in trouble or anything. Its not prescription either.

  • @phatlad22 obviously you’ll make your own decision …pills go with other pills. Get a Tupperware container and put syringes, needles and vials in the Tupperware and carry it in your carryon bag. Everytime I tell security “there are injectable medications in this bag” they look at me like “so what?”… I have never had them look into syringes and vials…remember people travel with legitimate injectables all the time…this is nothing out of the ordinary for them…

  • @phatlad22 just get an insulin travel case. put your vial of test in there with syringes and swabs. place it on top of everything in your checked luggage. good to go.

  • Ive done it many of times and have even had them search my bag and look at the vials and they didn’t say anything

    Just take the labels off and i think youll be fine

  • Just Mail it to the near by post office for pick up. Use a small priority mail box, pack it well with bubble wrap etc. And make sure it’s taped good.

    Print your own label and just drop it off at the post office

  • Just keep it all in a small container on your carry on bag. I wouldnt take too much needles tho. I travel for work and do it all the time. I’ve never had a problem.

  • throw them in your bathroom bag in your checked bag. it’s fine. if you want peace of mind get a legal TRT script once and scan and save the Rx paper and edit the date on it and you can travel with a legitimate prescription for your “medications” they will never be able to verify if the script is real due to HIPAA laws. TSA is looking for bombs and threats and maybe massive dealer quantities of shit like cocaine, not a few vials and needles. If you really wanna be safe, get a diabetic insulin travel kit and keep your shit in there too. it’s totally fine.

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