Post Cycle Gyno - Is Surgery the Only Option?

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  • Let me preface this by saying I am a fucking idiot.

    Long story short, I did straight Test E for 16 weeks (500mgs). Toward the end of my cycle, I noticed my nips were getting sensitive so I started Aromasin until the sensitivity subsided.

    At the end of the cycle (May), I went cold turkey and didn’t PCT and I noticed over the past few months my nips hang a little bit now and when they shrivel up, I can see small lumps under the nipple. No sensitively whatsoever, just visibly noticeable.

    Is surgery the only option here? I appreciate any responses in advance.


  • You could always try the letrozole protocol, but from what I hear, it’s pretty brutal. I’ve taken too much AI’s before and my entire body hurt for a couple days. I know caber helps with prolactin related gyno. If you do another cycle, I’d recommend exemestane as your inhibitor. I’ve noticed much lower swings since it permanently sidelines the aromatase enzyme instead of a temporary fix like arimidex.

    Probably your first step is to see if any of your hormones are out of whack.

  • @hewmungus He said he used Aromasin-which is Exemestane-not Arimidex!

  • This post is deleted!
  • @kingofcarbz Yep, I noticed that afterwards… You got me. Care to contribute to him or are you the mistake police?

  • @hewmungus said in Post Cycle Gyno - Is Surgery the Only Option?:

    @kingofcarbz Yep, I noticed that afterwards… You got me.

    All good, mistakes happen!

  • Look into Raloxifene. I read quite a bit about it and finally found a decent source so I gave it a shot and have been pleasantly surprised. I had a pretty big lump after taking some superdrol 10 years ago and not running PCT one time.

    I took 60mg a day and saw a noticeable difference in a week. It generally takes several months (from what I’ve read) to really shrink something down completely but for me that first week made a big difference in how much you could see the puffiness without my shirt on. After my first bottle I’ve dropped down to a ‘maintenance dose’ of 30mg a day

    this is one of the resources I used:

  • @buhlayz Thanks for the input.

    Yes, I have looked into Ralox, however, I can’t find any conclusive evidence that it works. I mean if it was so groundbreaking, you think there would be more literature on it, right?

    I read the post you linked to prior to me making my post here. Idk if I trust it. No before and after pics, just really anecdotal evidence linking to a study. Personally, I’m not convinced. I think that article was written to get traffic to his blog (personal opinion).

    Last question, with ralox, once you stop taking it does the gyno come back? Seems pretty useless if this is not a permanent fix.



  • @MPS721

    It does come back. Ralox is a SERM that competes for receptors. It just happens that it has an affinity for the receptors at the breast.

    It doesn’t lower e2, so in effect when you stop taking it, it stops blocking the receptors and therefore allows development of the breast again.

  • @MPS721

    You didn’t look very hard.

    And no. It will not “come back” any gyno removed by use of a SERM (I’ve used nolva for gyno with 100% reduction)

    If your E2 is still high when you stop taking the SERM you may develop more gyno, but that’s not the same as it “coming back”. If your E2 is back to normal when you are done with your SERM any reduction will be permanent.

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