Peptides For Chronic Kidney Disease

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  • I hope this is the right place to post this but I was curious about the feasibility of treating or at the very least halting the progression of non genetic stage 4 CKD (Chronic Kidney Diesease) with peptides?

    I’ve been thinking that BPC-157 (sub Q & oral), TB500, HGH, Thymulin, Epitalon, and Pielotax would be the best candidates for this.

  • Can’t go wrong with trying bpc. If you don’t mind, how’d that happen? I notice kidney pain when I’ve tried anavar and such.

  • @hewmungus I appreciate the input. I think it was the metformin, and ibuprofen that caused most of the damage. Also, to clarify I’m not the one with the CKD I’m asking on behalf of a family member as their doctor has told them they are, for lack of a better word, fucked.

  • @MrMetal Thanks for the reply. I had no idea that metformin could contribute to that. Ibuprofen on the other hand…

    Best of luck to your family. On, only a couple things were supposed to help with kidney function, being curcumin and astragalus. Along with keeping blood pressure low.

  • @hewmungus You’re welcome, and thank you I’ll look into those two things. I’m not completely sure what exactly caused it although metformin was taken so I see no reason to exclude it being mentioned.

  • @MrMetal Telmisartan is usually prescribed for lowering blood pressure and helping prevent progression of CKD “Conclusions: Telmisartan effectively and safely reduced blood pressure and brought about regression of proteinuria in diabetic and nondiabetic, hypertensive, proteinuric patients with chronic kidney disease, even in those with mild-to-moderate chronic renal failure.” .

    Careful with anything that increases water retention (e.g HGH). added water means the kidneys need to work overtime.

  • @buffbro1 Thank you telmisartan sounds interesting. Ah I didn’t know at what doses would cause water retention? Or is it dose dependent?

  • @MrMetal Dose dependent. Chronic HGH increases aldosterone which retains minerals etc causing water retention. 1-1.5 iu of pharma GH should be ok.

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