Low E2 from equipoise?

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  • I was on sports TRT of 250mg testosterone enanthate. I decided to go on a blast of 400mg test e and 800mg eq . oh boy I feel like a wreck at week 4(last week), obsessive thoughts, insomnia and loss of appetite. I thought I originally had HIGH e2 as I was not using an AI at all. so I popped 12.5mg of aromasin. then the next day I had sore joints in my shoulders and knees and elbows and peeing a lot without drinking any water and THEN I realised shit it is low e2. dropped eq completely and I had to wait since I don’t have any HCG or Dbol on hand.

    now im feeling much better. but I don’t want to waste the eq so what can I do to make it better and not to crash my e2? Is the fact the eq crashes e2 a widely known consensus or it varies from person to person?

  • Hey man EQ crashed my estrogen as well when I first took it at 500 mg with 500 mg test. It ranges from person to person from what I have seen, and the only thing that helped me get estrogen back up was upping the test. If you want to keep the Eq high then higher test would be your best bet.

  • Eq doesn’t crash My e2 but it definitely lowers it. I need no ai when running it with a matched dose of test.

  • You could try 1:1 or 2:1 t/eq ratio rather than the 1:2 that you posted

  • Must lower it good .did a 700EQ and 1500mg test cycle for 20weeks and E was 20. Only used 12.5 AI twice a week.

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