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  • Ordered 11/3
    Received 11/12

    Ordered a couple of boxes of Accutane. After about 7 days of the status saying “Preparing Package”, I messaged DO and Jade got back to me quickly. They informed me that there was a slight hiccup because of the Earthquake that happened recently but that it was on track. Two days later I received package.

    I did have to sign for it but after reading some posts, this seems to be fairly standard procedure after coming from another country.

    Thanks @DragonOrdnance

  • Standard procedure typically with any package that is “expressed”. I usually don’t have to sign myself, but it depends on your DHL guy.

    Thanks for the feedback mate! Sorry for the delay.

  • Can confirm, ordered Turkish Pharma products, same turnaround (which is still awesom btw) and Jade was very prompt answering my email

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