Test + Primo cycle

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  • About 2.5 weeks into a 16-20 week test cycle. Test at 500mg/wk.
    Decided to add in Primo. Thinking of going with 500mg/wk of primo also.

    Sound like good plan? Seems like the primo might negate the need for an AI…? But I’ll base that on symptoms/bloods.

    Thanks for any input.

  • @monkey_boy love it. Technically primo is estrogen neutral, so if you normally need an ai on that test dose you probably will. That being said primo does sometimes effect people’s estradiol levels even though “it shouldn’t”.

    Bloods n symptoms no doubt.

  • This is hands down my favorite cycle to run. I feel and look great on just test and primo. Personally I do not need an AI on this type of cycle.

  • @SuperSwoldier1 Awesome, I doubt I will need an AI, if the primo does anything re: E2… on just Test at 500mg/wk I only used maybe 8-10 .125 Adex tabs… just when things felt ‘off’ so if the primo does just a little, I’m probably good.

  • @monkey_boy
    I like escalating doses over a cycle.

    So for example you may start a cycle at
    300 test 300 primo
    Then by the end of the cycle elevate dose to 500/500 or whatever you need/see fit.

    Primo has had an e2 lowering effect shown on bloods in myself taking low doses when I cruised on 200 test 100 primo. I’m not sure if this was truly an outcome of decreased conversion… I have other theories that I can’t fully support so I won’t mention them.
    However, on higher doses of test and primo I don’t have labs but I don’t “feel” like the potential effect on e2 management is as pronounced.

    For myself I handle e2 well as long as I’m not using 19nor compounds. Otherwise, masteron has a much more pronounced effect on e2 management and allows me to take advantage of 19nor compounds without the need to use ancillary compounds for side effect management.

    I’ll commonly include 200-300mg of masteron in cycles for this purpose. Dialing in masteron doses can be tricky and individual however I prefer this method since it makes me feel good and carries some anabolic effect that ai’s do not.

  • Primo and Test are my favorites to run basically all the time. Take a little higher dose of Primo like 700mg and take it longer than 4 weeks. I feel like you really see it’s effect over a month in.

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