1st cycle, tingling/numbness in fingers/arms

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  • 17 years natural and I decided to try out the dark side. Pinned for the 1st time 10/26. started at 300mg/wk and now at 450mg/wk with no notable sides or AI needed. Only issue seems to be issues with blood flow to my fingers and arms. I’ve been having a very difficult time finding a comfortable sleeping position with the fingers going numb with no obvious reason (laying on arm, arm in awkward position, etc). I got basic blood work done yesterday but wont get results for a couple weeks (promotional screening at local hospital so results take a little longer but for $25 I figured it was good). I’ve searched and cant seem to find a lot of discussion on this issue. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    edit: 17yrs of lifting naturally, not 17yrs old :grin:

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  • I hope someone here can help you with this, but seriously what the fuck is with all these children running cycles these days? Seriously not a good look… “17 years natural and I decided to try out the dark side.” Have you even tried out the other side first?

  • @MikeAlstott , I am in my 30’s, been training without gear for all 17 years in the gym. I can see where the confusion happened though thinking I am 17 yrs old.

  • @allnatural During my first 500mg test E cycle I had the exact same thing. Would wake up in the middle of the night with my whole arm asleep. Not sure what causes the bad blood flow but it’s a bit concerning eh. I don’t experience this at all while on 100mg test E cruise.

  • @allnatural this is a relief. I misread the same I will have to edit my post.

  • @PrimoRox , I am using test E. Well I was told by a few friends who have a good amount of experience with gear to start at a lower dose and increase weekly if sides aren’t noticed. They didn’t really get into specifics of what ester I was taking and the build up. How long does it take for the build up.

  • @lynxpoint , Well, glad to know I am not the only one this has happened too lol

  • @allnatural thank god. Now I see how it can be read both ways.

  • @allnatural ya so with test e your levels won’t actually peak for 5-6 weeks. So was it necessary to increase? No, but your dosage isn’t rediculous but I would hold steady there now. This being your first cycle you’ll get a ton from 450mg.

    Could simply just be the body adjusting to change. Differences in fluid dynamics, electrolyte retention changes, etc…

    I’d just keep an eye on things over the next few weeks, make sure to keep hydrated, keep bp in check and everything health conscious we should be doin.

  • @PrimoRox Thanks man. I’ll hold steady at this dose for the remainder of the cycle and check bloods. Makes sense my body might just be transitioning to the changes.

  • Hey man I’ve had this for years on both arms. I cant sleep on my side for too long and i have to switch my arms while driving too. I’ve told my doc about it and shes not very concerned about it so i just let it go. I work a 12 hour desk job for years so not sure if that contributed to it. All my bloodwork has been good for years too.

  • @allnatural I got these same symptoms from TRT. Started out at 200mg Test C / week and hands/fingers went numb on and off after the first month or two…it went away after about 4mo and very rarely happens now…seemed to be a coralation between when I started dontating blood as often as they’ll let me, but that’s just bro science…

    Some light google research will show you it’s a very common side effect of test supplementation…

    Hope that helps.

  • It’s just water retention, your body adjusts after so long

  • @allnatural
    Pressure on the ulnar nerve.
    Increased water retention and bodyweight would be the culprit.
    Likely the larger you get the more of an annoyance this will become.
    Staying leaner can be helpful.
    Gh makes it worse.

  • If this bothers you STAY AWAY from (real) HGH. You’re good, man. This happens typically due to water retention, like was already stated.

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