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    Hey guys, im new to posting on the site but not to the game, i prefer to be more of a lurker and hardly ever post. I appreciate all the good info you guys throw out. I did have a question though, i made an order through SO/CO right before the site shut down, i saw some guys saying he sent fake order numbers, i was wondering where i coils find the tracking numbers? My order was stalled for weeks and now says Seized. Not going to lie has be a bit freaked out. Would appreciate some help.


  • @s462 you either receive the tracking number from the sender or you get it when the pack lands.
    Chances are, nothing will happen to you. I’ve had a lot of shit seized.
    In the unlikely event that someone shows up to your door, respectfully ask for a lawyer and kindly state you will not speak without one. A good lawyer will know how to properly handle this and if you don’t start spitting out excuses trying to save your ass you will get off with nothing. They hold the burden of proof in court and proving you actually made that order is really fucking hard. Don’t talk and you’ll be okay.
    I’ve survived a controlled delivery for something that wasn’t AAS and that’s exactly how I did it

  • The numbers people posted were (ending in):

    But you’re definitely fine, he didn’t actually send shit out, nothing is attached to your name in the system.

  • @rpolitics_sucks
    See thats where im getting caught up, my numbers dont match those two which means nothing, but i wasnt sure if he also attached a tracking to those orders as well and if they also came up seized like the one I received?

  • @s462 Can confirm that the tracking number ending in 58493 also says seized

  • This feels like quite a plot twist

  • @EnjoyYourSymptom I think that was part of his plan. His website had a Chinese DNS saying seized by DEA (that was not worded correctly, So it definitely was not seized by the real DEA). Maybe he sent out a pack to an address that didn’t order it knowing they would open it and likely call the police. Then someone comes to SST and says my pack was seized and the website says seized by DEA. Boom, Now no one suspects an obvious exit scam. For some reason the pack was delayed severely through Usps before either being delivered to the sending address or the fake return address, He could have done this intentionally by miss spelling an address or zip code.

    Big if true

  • @EnjoyYourSymptom From what I’ve heard from those who are close to SoCo, it was indeed a bust. Someone gave them up and that’s where we are now. I suspect there will be clarification at some point soon, but that’s up to the mods and those that know SoCo. I’m more or less just spreading the news.

  • @chimpanzee19 please share more

  • Dude was solid from the beginning and always went out of his to help and answer any questions I had.

    Fuck snitches. Just a reminder to be careful.

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