What is your cruise like?

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  • I know quite a few of us blast and cruise here. I’m curious to know what some of your guys cruise is? Do you guys add other compounds like primo to a cruise, or just test? Anyone here cruise around 250-300mg test? If so, for how long and have you had any negative side effects?

  • 250mg test, my blood panels look good on it, lipids in range, hematocrit and rbc in range, liver values are excellent, inflammation markers down. Just feel just good on it.

    I also stay on 5 iu HGH 5 on / 2 off year round.

    Using other compounds to have a kind of Sports HRT always gave me worse bloods, so I rather go hard on my blasts, and really take recovery and “not fucking my health” on my cruises in between seriously.

  • @09370z typically your cruise would be “TRT” levels so whatever the reference range is 250-1100 IIRC. You can cruise on whatever you want tho. Also, typically the more muscle mass you have the higher your cruise should be, in theory. I keep my cruise at 130mg with 250hcg MWF.

    Save your harder compounds for blasts imo.

  • Whatever your test levels will be natural at, everyone is different. The guy above me does 250mg which would put me in supra dosage. I myself take 200mg/wkly.

  • Just remember when hearing responses that a cruise is different from TRT. A cruise is intended to bring your health markers back in line—if you can do that with other drugs/dosages aside from just TRT in the equation, more power to you and it’s not incorrect to claim that is a cruise (for you, and only you). Not at all directing this at anybody (didn’t read the responses) but just wanna post this because every time a cruise is discussed that one Karl comes in to say “it’s not a cruise if your test is not in range”!! when they really mean to say “it’s not TRT if your test is not in range”, which is true, but TRT is not what a cruise is.

  • @kingofcarbz klassic Karl, bruh. I definitely agree with everything you stated.

  • Mines 70 mg e3d Test E. I’m at my genetic max so my goal is just maintenance with T4 150 mcg ed (doc prescribed).

    I do throw in one of : inj superdrol, inj S23, inj m-tren, MENT sometimes pre-wo for fun.

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  • @09370z high test levels defeat the purpose of a “cruise” imo. If longevity and health are some values that you find important, then you want to try to teeter the high reference range, if not be inside it.

  • @Biginsigfig said in What is your cruise like?:

    @09370z high test levels defeat the purpose of a “cruise” imo. If longevity and health are some values that you find important, then you want to try to teeter the high reference range, if not be inside it.

    @kingofcarbz is this Karl?

  • @MikeAlstott Textbook Karl, lmao!

  • My cruises are typically…
    200 test for 4 weeks
    220 test, 80 mast for the remaining duration of the cruise.

    I also use gh on both blast and cruise.
    Cruise 2-3iu
    Blast 3-5iu

    My next cruise will be longer so I plan on attempting something more spicy.

    I’ll likely do the first 4 weeks at 200 test.
    Then I’ll either do…

    200 test, 100 npp, 25/d proviron


    100-150 test
    100 mast
    100 npp

    Side note: may incorporate inj carn during the cruise to get some experience with that and see if it measures up to the hype.

    The reason being I can rarely use high water retentive compounds when I’m not dieting because the pumps get too brutal. Which is kind of sad because I feel I am somewhat of a hyper responder to a variety of 19nors. So with this longer cruise I’d like to see if I can get away with them and still have bloodwork check out.

    I remember when I was newer to this but already had a few aggressive cycles under my belt I randomly decided to use 150 test 150 npp and the response was pretty nutty so I’m kinda hopeful this will be a fun cruise despite being a longer one.

    I may even use a bit of insulin during points this cruise but I usually reserve insulin use for cycles.

  • My cruise is prescribed TRT, typically 150mg cyp/week. However, I decided to throw in 10mg MENT/day this time post blast. So, seeing as I have to pin ED anyway due to the MENT, I’ve decided to run 175mg prop/week.

  • @paulie_rocket how long do you typically blast for? and how long are your cruises? I usually always cruise at just 250 test, but im thinking of trying 200 test 200 primo this time.

  • @09370z
    Blast 16-20
    Cruise for about 8-10
    My next cruise will be about 16 weeks though.
    I usually cruise in about 2-3mg/kg

  • Sports TRT as Broderick Chavez puts it: 3mg per kg of bw per week.

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