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  • I’m thinking about doing 8 weeks of Test p .25 ccs per day then adding Winnie the last 4 weeks does this sound manageable or should I consider another alternative?

  • @Jp007 You should probably read up on here because what you just proposed doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for your first time (if that’s what I’m gathering correctly). Usually we list the weekly dosage and not the oil volume btw since we can’t know what your Test P mg/ml is we really don’t know for sure what .25 CCs per day even equates to.

  • You’ll probably want to start with a longer ester. Prop can have a bite and I wouldn’t recommend daily injections for someone new.

  • @MikeAlstott yes this will be my first cycle I was playing on getting 100mg/ml at .25ccs per day to start I’m honestly just looking for different recommendations. A few people I know directed me here and suggested the dosages.

  • First cycle? Test E or Test C. Total dose of 300-500mg split into two weekly injections as close to 3.5 days apart as you can. Enjoy for ~12 weeks. Make sure you have an AI on hand and take it in the event of spicy nipples and if you plan to PCT make sure you have those items on hand prior to your cycle. If you plan to cruise grab at least an extra vial or two so you can transition to the cruise smoothly.

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