Acne Scarring pigmentation and treatment

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  • Been on accutane 20-40Mg for 7 months but my back is still fucked, like I’m not getting zits I just have these dark almost purple marks, that look like zits but are actually scars.
    Fuck DECA

    Like maybe they’ll all vanish after a chemical peel because its not like deep pockmark scars, just discoloration.

    anyone deal with this or been through this?

    I havent been in the gym since the virus and not wanting to take my shirt off is like half the reason I aint been back

    On the one hand I might as well have scars AND be jacked, but on the other hand I COULD break out again and make shit worse/ prevent it from getting better.

  • @DHT I’ve had some slight acne on my back, but I’ve always dealt with minor acne on my face. Accutane treatments have cleared them up, I think the last one I ran was my third treatment and I think I finally knocked it down substantially. I’ve been able to maintain relatively clear skin now by making sure my hormones are in check and smooth, using a good facial cleanser and I really light moisturizer if I need some.

    In your case, the discoloration will fade over time. I know it’s annoying now, but they will fade, it takes time. You can do things like chemical peel and other skin care products to help speed the process up, that might be worth looking into, but its obviously a lot harder to apply to your own back than your face. Maybe look into getting one of those back scrubber things. I got one and use it every other day with some acne wash on my back and it seems to work pretty well. It’s one of those long pieces of cloth with handles on each hand and a somewhat abrasive feeling on one side, smooth on the other. Make sure you continue the Accutane for at least a month or two once you are clear. I know some people also use maintenance doses but you might not even need that.

    I think you can also get it professionally treated. That might be worth looking into and spending the money on if you want to just take care of it ASAP. Worst comes to worst you can take care of that shit if you pay some money. Just stay away from the compounds that make you break out. For me, Mast is one that is just a no go period.

  • @DHT, I had the same problem. Before I went to Accutane I started using 10% peroxide solution (Panoxyl) from Walmart. So far so good. Really dried my back and shoulders and lightened my scars.

  • @MikeAlstott yeah I’m planning on shelling out for some professional peels after my accutane course ends. 20-40mg for a year

  • Look into tretinoin cream, and GHK-CU, heard good things about both in terms of improving scar laden skin…

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