cycle/stack for recomp and endurance?

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  • Hey guys! so im 28 and 5’10 and I’ve been active my whole life, mostly lifting and used to do men’s amateur physique and place quite well. lately the past year though I have stuck to BW movements and BJJ/boxing for fitness while being on TRT, no other substances than 120mg test E a week.

    Well I had surgery recently and been laid p for 7 months and am 100% healed now but have put on around 40lbs!!! I admit it was a lot me being lazy too, I know how to eat, I know how to cycle, I just am looking for any recommendations of substances/amounts to give me a kick start when I get back to martial arts, running, and BW movements probably next week. usually i run SocO (cry) and was thinking test, low dose tren, caradine, and maybe low dose EQ? thoughts?

  • (possibly) low dose nandrolone for the joints and (definitely) boldenone for the endurance/performance. tren is the worst possible drug you could be using, it’s a cosmetic drug and is arguably a detriment to performance/endurance/anything cardiovascular related.

  • Lose weight first. Get leaner. You’ll reap more benefits and have less sides.

    Then low test and maybe a bit of EQ. But honestly man - martial arts and AAS are not a great mix. Crippling shoulder pumps while doing pad/bag work isn’t great. It pays off to be leaner and lanky if you wanna go that route.

    Fuck tren if your doing cardio based workouts. Great drug for a diet phase or precontest but outside of that? Much better choices avaliable… Cardarine does help, but tbh man just running or doing cardio ED and progressively overloading it plus nailing a diet should have you covered.

  • @vettoxic

    Endurance ≠Tren. Ever.

    I think you should get back into the swings of exercising and after a couple months then maybe try low test and low EQ. @Gainsbruh is correct in that martial arts and steroids are not always a great mix. Small amounts of the correct ones can help but many can be detrimental for the reason he listed as well as any unecessary bodyweight (extra water retention) is rarely helpful in that sport.

  • forsure, thank you all for the advice. im definitely not trying to get big, but id like to get lean, and still retain my muscle. im more looking to be around 165, %10bf… easily obtainable natty, but i figured since i don’t compete and i already am on TRT why not add some compounds to aid since i know how to diet already haha.

  • In your current circumstance id diet hard and fast on just trt get the first half of the weight off. You have some easy fat loss, gains, recomping, and general fitness you can bang out easily without assistance.
    Come out of the diet with a somewhat conservative reverse with a cycle of maybe
    300-500 test
    300-500 primo
    Maybe a bit of mast… like 150-300
    Probs won’t need it with your stats but 100-150 of something fun like dhb, npp, tren can make things real interesting. A low dose of tren isn’t going to ruin your endurance especially being leaner and with good cv fitness.
    With your stats you can probs hang at the low end of all those doses and it’ll likely be well more than enough.
    I mean really at your stats 200 test 100 mast 200 primo 100 of a fun compound could make you a new human coming out of a diet with training and nutrition on lock.
    If you reverse at a good pace without being too aggressive or too conservative you’ll probably recomp a good bit over a few months.

    Eq was mentioned i’m not a fan of the compound in general but not a bad compound for someone involved in a sport like yourself.

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