Potential Abscess

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  • Pinned around 2.5cc into my glute about 5 weeks ago. Originally had a subq leak which I have dealt with before. The pain was quite bad when trying to squat so I used a massage gun on it for a bit to finish the session. However, once the pain dissipated, the lump stayed. It started off around half baseball size and is slightly smaller now but it is still there 5ish weeks later-no pain when I fuck with it just a firm lump. I highly doubt there was any sort of infection as my pinning protocol is the exact same as every other pin, and the site was not red/itchy/ I had no fever. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? I would prefer to not go to the doctor and get my ass cut open since I have a competition very soon. Any insight is appreciated.

  • It will suck and hurt, but foam rolling in these instances has always helped in my experience

  • Could be your body forming a cyst around what it’s considering a “foreign object” - I’ve seen suggestions of hot water and massage/rolling in the event of a bad lump to help dissipate it, so hopefully it’s just a lump and not a cyst or abscess.

  • Lol id rather go to the doctor sooner than later. Now you’ll probably get off with anti biotics

    Later youll end up with a hole in your legg youll habe to dress for a month

  • I had an abscess last week. Finishing up antibiotics currently. It started to get red and spread had to have the area punctured and drained then packed with dressing to leave the wound open, then flushed a few days later and repacked. Now the wound is healed over and fine. I would get it checked at an urgent care sooner rather than later. The larger the abscess the bigger the wound when they drain it.

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