Bulkking-Labs Prime T/A

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  • First time Ordering from @BulKKing-Labs and I must say I am beyond impressed. Ordered at night on 10/29, the pack was sent out promptly the next day and delivered on 11/3, that’s on par with Amazon Prime. Pack was THOROUGHLY sealed, If anyone even touched the package funny yet alone attempted to open it you would know. Also impressed with these big beautiful jugs of cattle hormones but that’ll be another review.

    I also feel its necessary to add that Bulkking-Labs is a great addition to the community not just as a source but as a person. He helped me greatly after getting scammed by Soco which I am more than grateful for. Also is the most active source I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, extremely friendly and easy going. Even threw in 2 free 10 count blister packs of pharma cialis because of one of our conversations.

    T/A and ordering experience wise 10/10 source my new goto for sure. Cannot recommend more.

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