I'm back, a couple questions

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  • Whats up, lots of exit scams huh?
    its PPL still g2g? Anyone order from there recently?
    With all the shit going on i dont know how shipping etc has been.

    the last time I ordered from a source it was Misrah and hours after I sent the BTC a mod made a thread about him.

    hope everyone is alive and juicy, I haven’t lifted since March and I’m down to 200lbs… And 250mg test E gave me a little gyno nodule despite having the surgery earlier this year… WTF

  • Welcome back man. Glad to see you’re back.

    I’d be going insane if I were you, not having lifted since March. Been back in the gym since the summer now, took some time off to PT and focus on other shit with everything being closed.

    About the gyno nodule, have you been taking any Nolva or AI fix it or has it gotten any better?

  • @DHT ppl is still doin his thing. Shipping has been roughly 25-35 days intl. I’ve only ordered intl. once since COVID but it wasn’t too delayed, just a few days extra. I’ve heard some people saying it took way longer than normal and I hear seizures are up but ppl has pretty solid stealth. I think it’s become sort of a crap shoot I don’t have a real definitive answer and I don’t honestly think anyone does

  • @MikeAlstott I just hate the mask shit. And at this point after going this long without the gym Im used to it. Never been away from the gym this long since I was 13 years old.
    Im not too worried about the nodule, That was on 250mg test E with 12.5 asin, gear and a.i is legit so Idk I guess I aromitise higher than I used to. If it comes down to it i’ll j ust have the surgeon do it again and get a discount.

  • @DHT I feel you man. Thankfully the gym I go to allows for us to take our masks off during the exercise. Hope you can get back in there soon.

    As for the nodule, just curious: can you even see it or it’s just you can feel it?

  • @MikeAlstott
    My good side, which ironically is the side that had double the gyno tissue than the other side before surgery, feels consistent and even, like theres some widespread hardness from scar tissue or whatever, but theres no lumps. My other side just has a couple minor anomalies that will probably grow into something larger, nothing to see. My experience with gyno surgery was so positive and easy I don’t even care at this point if I have to get it done again down the road.

  • @DHT Got it, thanks for the insight on that because I recently had my first gyno scare, but it seems to responding well to Nolva and a bit of AI. Knowing the surgery was a breeze for you sort of alleviates any anxiety I have if I somehow need it in the future.

  • @MikeAlstott Yeah I might have made a post about the surgery. Easiest thing in the world but it might have also been the staff that made it so positive. ill dig through my post history and If i didn’t post about it I will

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