Npp dosgaes for a bulk

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  • I’m currently running a bulking cycle of 250 test, 350 npp and 200 mast weekly and I’m not seeing a lot of results. Training and diet are on point and I have seen some gains but nothing dramatic at week 5. I’d like to know if I’m running npp at a high enough dosage. I’m keeping test low due to estrogen sensitivity.

  • @beagleguy818 What are your current stats? I’ve only run NPP with higher Test and it seems to work well with me. 350 is beginner NPP status. If you want that to be your main bulking compound then I’d say bump it up if you aren’t satisfied with your results after 5 weeks and everything is in check.

  • @beagleguy818 what do you expect to see in 5 weeks?

  • Eat more and lift heavier?? Are you tracking your calories? if you know how many you are eating you can try increasing them. That’s first

    If you really want to bump up your gear I think 500 npp is very reasonable since your test is so low (but that’s me)

    I like running test higher than 250 during a bulk since I don’t aromitize high or have estrogen issues (but that’s me)

  • Upping NPP or any wet compound for that matter , never yield more gains for me. Iv gone up to about 700mg a week npp and 1400mg test on an npp cycle.

  • @beagleguy818

    1. 5 weeks isn’t a long time. If you weren’t becoming a fat shit and doses are reasonable for your needs I would expect an avg bw increase of 1-2.5kg, more muscle fullness, better pumps, and maybe a slight strength increase. Pushing into 8 weeks give or take is when I would expect more rapid performance increases and the “holy shit drugs work” perception.

    2. considering your cycle… the lower your test is the more likely you’ll need higher doses of Npp. I generally run cycles that consist primarily of 500 test, 200-300 mast, 300-500 primo. When I run these doses and I incorporate a 19nor I only need about 100mg to get what I want out of the 19nor (volumization, pumps, leverages etc). And tbh outside of dieting I don’t even like to because pumps easily become too painful and unproductive.

    3. my suggestion would be more test if you can without growing tits. Things I’ve done to help me handle higher test and 19nors within the same cycle…
      — start the cycle with just test and mast and/or another dht derivative for a solid 3-6 weeks prior to introducing a 19nor. Starting dosages dependent on individual.
      — introduce the 19nor at 100mg and escalate as needed or every 2-4 weeks in 50-100mg increments until you find a dose you can’t tolerate. Reduce to last tolerated dose.
      — high injection frequencies seem to help me a ton. I usually inject 5x a week M-F. It’s just a schedule I prefer no magic to M-F.

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