Turning injectable raws into orally bioavailable product?

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  • How would I go about turning raw test or tren into orals? These cannot simply be swallowed down raw like Dbol or Arimidex or it’ll simply be pissed/shat back out and never make it where it needs to go right? I can only find homebrew guides for the proper way to make injectables and that’s cool but I’m wanting to make some orally bioavailable stuff.

  • Bioavailability for those is nonexistent.

  • All you have to do is replace the hydrogen atom at a steroids 17th alpha position with a carbon atom, then you’ll have what is commonly known as a 17 AA, which is 17 alpha alkaloid. Which is what most orals are. So they are synthesized to make it past the liver. Alternately you can create what’s known as a C 17 alpha alkyated oral by adding an ethyl grouping. However it would seem to me that simply buying them already synthesized would be an easier way to do that

    I would be remiss not to mention the fact that there are several testosterone’s that you are able to turn into an oral. Under examination now is test U is a male contraceptive that is taken orally. Everything looks like it will come to fruition for that patent. However as far as I know there is no tren oral. You can mix it with DMSO and apply it in a transdermal patch.

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  • @Synergy-Forge I see oral test in some places online (Preodominantly seems used by trannies so they don’t have to pin tho) and there’s MTren so I guess I should’ve asked instead how to brew those. So poor terminology aside I am gathering that the raw used for injectable vs the raw used for oral is chemically different so that’s not gonna be what I want, rather I should be purchasing Methyl-Test and Methyl-Tren from a raw supplier then? and then what from there, can they be swallowed down without added steps or do I need to mix them with something? I’m fully ignorant on homebrew 100% so feel free to tell me how dumb my questions are.

  • It’s not that oral AAS have anything special done to them, rather the doses are just extremely high due to poor oral bioavailability (more accurately, it’s heavily metabolized by the liver and digestion system, which leaves little compound as bioavailable - something like 7%, but you can look it up). For example, a male replacement dose for testosterone might be something like 600mg/day. There’s nothing stopping someone from taking 20 caps a day (or whatever it would take) to orally dose that every day. Testosterone raw is pretty cheap, and most of the expense of production comes from labour and materials to make it sterile for injection, so go ahead and toss 500mg/mL into some MCT or Miglyol (you might need a bit of benzyl benzoate to stay dissolved at 20C), take 2mL/day for a month, and see where your bloodwork is at, and adjust accordingly.

  • If you’re searching for info about a specific compound, try using the word “pharmacokinetics” and the name of the compound.

  • @ForgotMuhName I had to laugh at your tranny comment, I can’t say I have run across that in my research. Let me see if I can help you out though, a list of orally administered steroids:

    1. Methyltestosterone
    2. Norethandrolone (oral deca)
    3. Ethylestrenol (oral deca)
    4. Test Undecanoate (Andriol)
    5. Anabolicum Vister (oral EQ)
    6. Thiomesterone (oral test)
    7. Genabol (nandrolone derivative)
    8. Hydroxytest (test)
    9. M1T
    10. Metribolone (tren)
    11. MOHN (nandrolone)
    12. Ethylestrenol (deca)
    13. Chloromethylandrostenediol (testosterone derivative)
      and the list goes on and on; however I’m not familiar with Mtren, perhaps you are thinking of Metribolone? Also know as methyltrienolone in some circles. That is the only reference to an oral tren that I can find. Some might call it Methyl Tren I suppose.

    You are correct the raw material is synthesized from a base of only 3 options: DHT, TEST, and NANDROLONE. They are altered, to make up the multitude of different products, in various ways. While it is true that you can take a product that was meant for injection and the biovailability is about 7% of the dosage, but make no mistake about it, they are absolutely different. Do not start slamming back a bunch of oil thinking you are winning, you will do serious damage to your liver that way.

    You can order that list form a raw supplier, yes. Some of them might not be available due to manufacturing costs and profit ratio but that is merely a business decision. Once you have that you can take it as is but some of those orals are merely a few grains, so the usual thing to do is mix it with a filler material. Seems to me that protein was a popular choice for some. Regardless of what you do with it, the point is you can take it as is.

    Your questions aren’t dumb, no question is dumb. You were smart enough to ask and that is the important part. But just to follow up a bit, an all oral diet of AAS is highly discouraged. The stress that you will be putting on your liver is unimaginable. You can take liver support products but just the cheque drops alone are enough to damage your liver even on a liver support in as little as 2 weeks. The older guys tend to forgo oral completely. Take a look at what you are doing and ask yourself if it’s worth it. The Forgotmuhname of now might not mind, but what about the Forgotmuhname in 30 years? He might.

    I’m always willing to help if I can, feel free to reach out to me.
    Thank you,

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