Colonial Labs - Test, NPP, DHB, Injectable Dianabol

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  • I just want to personally thank @Colonial-Labs for being extremely responsive via email, having amazing service, and tremendous shipping times (I just placed an order on Sunday night and got it Tuesday). This is most definitely my favorite blast to date with all compounds being on point. The DHB is really great in terms of the amount of PIP it has. Barely noticeable when mixing with the other oils and heating them up. A LOT less painful than another brand I’ve used. The injectable dianabol was fun while it lasted for me, but ultimately I decided to drop it due to a gyno scare. Four weeks is enough anyways with that compound I think.

    I really appreciate this guy as he has been of major help answering a multitude of questions for me via email. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for reliable service and quality gear.

  • @MikeAlstott Thank you for the review man! Always glad to help. I’m happy you’re satisfied :)

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