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  • I was hoping I could get some input on ideas for my next bulk cycle.

    I have a TON of deca (180mls) so I was thinking of running Test/Deca/Mast/Adrol for 22wks (obviously not adrol for 22wks but as a kickstart). Or the other option I was thinking about was doing a couple 8 week cycles of Test P/Tren A.

    I have never run a Test P Tren A cycle and I was thinking it would help me gain the muscle and stay extremely lean.

    Any opinions one way or the other?

  • @JAKRPH test p and tren ace is my fave bulking cycle so far. I’m actually currently running that at 50mg of each ED.
    As far as deca goes, I love that compound as well, but I personally would use dbol instead of Adrol. Drol is great but it ruins my appetite and that defeats the purpose of a bulk. I prefer drol on a cut as it keeps my strength up and keeps me full while also helping me not eat as much.
    Deca, test E, mast and dbol would be a great bulk and since you already have deca I’d say why not.
    However tren a and test p is one of my all time favorite cycles. I like adding proviron to it but that’s mostly just for fun.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 why would you add mast? I only ask because i am about to run an identical cycle minus the mast. I have never run mast before and was curious why you like running it.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 I think we had a small discussion on another thread about Dbol. I hate the stuff. It’s too estrogenic for me. I actually have a ton of Dbol I’ll probably never take because of it. Maybe just to jump start my estrogen if I crash it at some point.

    Anadrol has no effect on my hunger tbh. I can put food away like nobody’s business on it. I personally love Adrol like you love Dbol.

    I’m leaning towards the Tren A and Test P just because I’ve never run it before and the thought of staying absolutely shredded while bulking is very enticing lol

  • @beardgains12 Masteron imo is a mostly aesthetic drug. It works wonders when your under 10%BF. Gives you a real hard look with grainy skin. Makes me look like a stiff dick tbh but it also has a purpose in that particular cycle because it has AI properties as well. Just helps to keep my E2 in check and keep some of the bloat off cause I aromatize like a mfer.

  • That exact cycle except it was test C and I ran Dbol for 5 weeks.

    I put on 30 lbs in this span and a month post cycle I was still holding 20 to 22 of those lbs with . Anytime you can hold onto 20+ lbs after losing the water weight from a cycle, that’s phenomenal IMO. For this reason, I don’t see any reason to do a different bulking cycle than that. I have buddies who add EQ to the mix but It’s not necessary for killer gains.

  • @beardgains12 I like mast because of the mood and sexual benefits, it also keeps me looking lean when I’m on a sloppy bulk. I lean more towards proviron in most of my cycles but to answer your question I use it mostly for therapeutic purposes. It just makes life a little better

  • @JAKRPH oh if drol doesn’t affect your appetite then fuckin go for it. It’ll be an incredible bulking compound with deca.
    We need to make an open market here where we can get rid of gear we’re never going to use lol

    I think I remember that discussion I knew your name looked familiar

  • Tren never worked for me in a bulk. Leaned me out.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 That would be awesome. We would have to work out some type of escrow though.

  • I guess I should have added That I haven’t run tren in about 3 years because it was a breakuppable offense with me ex haha. Sex drive went out of control… But she moved out 2 months ago soooooooo lol I’m running tren ace right now but I’m doing a prep. I want to give it another go though for a bulk

  • @JAKRPH yeah otherwise too much ripping people off

  • I suggest you save the Adrol for the end of the cycle to help push you through any plateau.

    You will be boosting performance/hypertrophy through increasing levels of test and deca at the start of the cycle anyway. It’s also a bit of a headfuck to come off the Adrol mid cycle and potentially stop progressing (or even get weaker) and lose weight (if Adrol makes you hold water).

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