Chances of Progesterone Sides on Test, EQ and Drol

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  • So I’m planning my big bulk cycle and have heard some weird things about Anadrol and EQ possibly causing some progesterone sides. I have used this combo before at lower doses, but was a young and dumb user and couldn’t tell you the difference between estrogen and progesterone. I plan on going as high as Test 900, EQ 1200 and Anadrol 100 if the sides aren’t too bad. I have my aromasin on deck and was wondering if I should get any Caber or Dosti for it. I’ll admit I’m a bit clueless on it.

    My nipples have lactated on cycle before and I would very much like to never have that happen again lol. That was on deca. I’m getting bloodwork Thursday to see where I’m at before I start anything.

    Thanks boys.

  • I think you might be thinking about Anadrol’s inability to be aromatized, making AI ineffective on it; however don’t let that lull you into a sense of security because it very much does increase estrogen and an effective counter to that would be a SERM such as nolvadex. Some people are pretty adamant that the high high level of estrogenic activity is progestin in nature but both can be very similar or even identical. One such study supposedly exists that refutes the progestin claim. I’ll include the reference that I was given; however, when I reviewed the paper, I saw no such experiment. This link is prevalent throughout the web and in books as well. I have researched this to a fair extent and cannot find where a study such as this was done outside this one link. Regardless, it is fairly common knowledge that E2 levels increases directly proportionate to anadrol intake. You will find that caber nor Aromasin will help lower those.

    We already know that test doesn’t have any Progestin issues, but will aromatize. Finally, EQ doesn’t have progestin issues either, it has been widely accepted that EQ aromatizes, but there is some recent research that indicates that it doesn’t. That doesn’t fit the scope of your question though, yours was more about carrying an anti prolactin, and my answer is no, it is not needed but you could use a combination of AI and a SERM to be effective against anadrol and test.

    Hope that helps,

    Les hormones anabolisantes du point de vue experimental. P.A. Desaulles. Helv. Med. Acta 1960;479-503.

  • @Synergy-Forge A very well thought out and detailed response, thank you my dude. This actually puts my mind at ease a bit. I already have a bunch of aromasin on hand, always do. I’ll pick up some nolva on my order as well then. If the issues pop up what would you recommend for nolva and aromasin dosing?

  • You are welcome sir, anything I can do to help and I’ll try. For your dosing protocol, it’s impossible for anyone besides you to answer that question. It would depend on your sensitivity, buildup, body weight, and whether the numbers are stable or still climbing. Just to say that you need one mcg per kg of body weight per day is inappropriate because at best it’s a guess. There are too many variables. I believe the maximum you should take anadrol is 6 weeks anyways because of the hepatotoxicity. So your worries are short lived at worst. You will see a quick and substantial rise if you respond like most, but if it were me then I would get that bloodwork done in week 2, decide on a course of action and then re-test in week 4. If cost is an issue I would at least attempt a mild course of SERMS and take a test at 3 weeks. Again, if it were me. That way I would know how I responded to the compound, how I responded to the treatment and future battles wouldn’t be guessing, I would know what to expect on Anadrol. A mild course of SERMS would be Nolvadex at 20mg e3d, strictly based on my own experience and no research. I hope that helps, I know it isn’t as cut and dry as you wanted but at the end of the day safety is the top priority.

    Let me know if I can help,

  • @Synergy-Forge Jesus, man. I never ever expect such detailed responses and I’m very grateful to it so thank you. That helped a lot actually. I’m actually way less nervous about it all now.

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