Think I feel some high E sides already, should I take a small dose of aromasin?

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  • Im running 500mg test e/week. This is my first ever cycle.

    First pin was on Sunday, 200mg. I woke up today and felt foggier headed, and a general weakness. This weakness is how I felt before pinning, I felt way more high energy/better/normal just 1 day after pinning (yesterday).

    Maybe It’s due to increased diet, but if I flexed and contracted my core really hard I could see abs yesterday. Today can’t see shit no matter how much I flex.

    Slight nipple sensitivity and aching, also a little fat under chest/nipple.

    Should I take half the 12.5mg aromasin pill? What should I do.

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  • My man I don’t think it’s possible to feel any sides that quickly. You’re pinning a longer ester so it shouldn’t even really be elevating anything for another couple weeks. But I’m just an experienced bro not a doctor. I am very sensitive to estro sides and take 12.5 mgs of aromasin 3 days a week no matter what cycle I’m on.

  • @manray literally medically impossible this is in your head. you probably just didnt sleep as well as you thought

  • this could be Test flu or something similar, it should go away soon… don’t take the Aromasin yet. but honestly I’ll say it again: you’re fucking 17 years old this is why god damn 17 year olds shouldn’t cycle.

  • You need E to grow . most people say they don’t run AI in off season .

  • @MikeAlstott I had no idea he was 17. JFC m8.

    OP are you seriously training to become an IFBB pro or professional strength athlete? If not, please reconsider holding off a few years. You have SO much room to grow in the next few years natty.

  • @The_DGB2 i agree . I started at 28, after a break up. After my first year I wish I started sooner but not at 17. Maybe 25, were only getting older live your best life as soon as you can i say now. I spent 2 ish years studying these drugs and hundreds of YouTube vids, only fear I had was my dick not working . but now I spend more time on than off and when off my dick still works . it’s expensive, hording gear is real. If I didnt have a sugar momma I’d just have a stock pile of gear and food and nothing else .

    I’m not the same person I was before I started thats for sure. Id say I’m a better person all around . but lazier in the gym.

  • @manray To be perfectly honest, you shouldn’t throw medication at an unconfirmed ailment that you haven’t experienced before. The proper way to approach your situation is to have your blood tested, you can do it without an doctors or questions. Once you have established that it is or isn’t, then you can decide on a course of action. Taking an AI to combat high levels of estrogen can tank your needed levels of E2. If you think you feel poorly now, doing that will add new meaning. Once you know what Estrogen feels like you can usually make the decision to start a course of AI or now without a blood test. Hope this helps,

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  • @manray you’re tweakin bro.
    Do not take more than 12.5 mg of aromasin in a day like someone else suggested.
    You will have a way worse time with low estrogen than you will with high estrogen. High estrogen isn’t even bad. If it gets too high you might have some issues in the sex department and if that happens sure pop half an asin, but stop thinking that elevated estrogen is the end of the world, when you elevate testosterone estrogen will elevate with it. You want balanced hormones you don’t want crazy high test and crazy low e2. You’re going to feel like shit and contrary to what some people believe, estrogen builds muscle. It’s safe to take half maybe a full aromasin in a week but you really shouldn’t have to exceed that. You’re tweakin.
    To add to this, if you’re putting on weight your abs will go away for a little do not use that as an indicator to take more drugs. You’re too young and dumb to be doing this please stop.
    I mean no offense here but you have no idea what you’re doing and you’re going to fuck yourself up, I havent a clue why no one else is saying this. You’re generation practically lives on the internet and you’re too fucking lazy to do some research? Get off the juice you don’t know what you’re doing.
    I hope you take my advice and just do this naturally for a few more years. If not then I hope you fuck your self up and learn something. I know you aren’t working 12 hour shifts so why the fuck aren’t you atleast taking time to do some research? You make people like us look bad. What are you going to accomplish aside from being the jacked kid at the gym? You’re going to get older and just be the jacked guy like the rest of us. Do you know what that does for us? Fucking nothing. We love this hobby with a passion but none of us put our health and well being before it. You will because you’re fucking 17 and that’s why you need to get off today.
    After reading your post history I think you need to be banned from this board.

  • @Musclehead34 I haven’t taken AI in 3 months. I can’t believe how often people take that shit. Dudes only 17 he’s practically begging to fuck himself up.

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  • @Musclehead34 how do I get me one of them there sugar mommas?

  • @BigDaddyV5150 My bad on the information i shared. I didn’t see that he was underage, or young for that matter. 25mg Asin would be a dramatic dosage for his first pin.

  • @squatpro you’re all good bro I’m not mad at you or anything. When you consider his age though that’s not a good idea

  • @Methylated it depends where you live I think. I live in a major city and if you go to the right bars they’ll find you

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