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  • I’m using ExpressPEDS Testomed E, and I’ve been measuring the amount I get from the ampules and when I draw everything from the Ampule there is always 0.9ml. I’ve tried this using different methods Of measuring. For one example with one amp I first drew exactly 1ml is bac water and then drew the oil, and there was every so slightly under 1.9ml. Obviously I discarded it, but I’ve noticed this with the last 4 ampules. Is this a widespread thing?

    I mean, if I’m trying to get 250ml every third day. But is I’m missing out on a full 50ml a week, or a full pin each month I think it may be somewhat significant to what my goals are.

  • @OldManMarc I’ve had pharmaceutical amps of cypionate from cvs and I had the same issue. Always just under 1ml. My assumption is there’s a little oil in the drawing needle and pharmaceutical companies measure exact measurements so you draw exactly 1ml but lose almost .1 in the process.

  • @BigDaddyV5150

    As silky as it sounds I had wondered if the temperature played a role, but whether hot or cold, it’s always less that 1ml. It doesn’t feel right.

    I’ve had some small issues with this site since the beginning, such as the amp’s and their packaging having conflicting manufacture and experience dates. They assured me it’s standard pratice for them as they package the products themselves. Then the difference in the displayed quantity and such.

  • @OldManMarc I’ve talked with expresspeds rep and it sounded like they were sourcing pharmaceutical gear and just middle manning it, for lack of a better term. However, I guess it’s possible they could be manufacturing it. Idk the label thing is a little odd.
    Did every amp so far have basically the exact same amount of oil?

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  • @OldManMarc are you on strictly their gear?
    What else are you running and what what ill effects are you experiencing? I may not be able to help but it’s worth a try

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  • Can you describe your complaint clearly?

    You think your Amps are being shorted? You claiming bunk gear? What is the concise claim?

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  • @OldManMarc is this your first cycle? I’m not sure if you mentioned that.
    You’re dosing your AI at 12.5mg every so often? I’m assuming that’s aromasin? Is this by feel or do you actually have a set schedule? Because you may be taking too much or not enough.
    So your running 500mgs a week of test e? By what you’re saying it sounds to me like other hormones are the culprit possibly estrogen that would explain your sex drive tanking some days.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 100% agree. To me it sounds like high estrogen. Only way to be sure is to get a hormone panel.

  • Can confirm Deus Medical amps have 0.9ml. This seems to be a manufacturer issue rather than expresspeds who just resells them AFAIK

  • Hello,

    It is common for pharmaceutical ampoules to always appear a little underdosed as a little will always stay in the ampoule and some will stay in the drawing needle. As mentioned above, all ampoules are filled to exactly 1ml so there will always be a little lost when filling a syringe. While common, in newer batches Deus Medical plan to overdose by 0.05ml to try overcome this.

    The products are not bunk as every batch is tested, we also have many customers for them and very little complaints. Just like most sources on this board however, we offer to pay for testing if you wish to send it.

    All the Deus Medical products we stock are tested with Janoshik. This kind of product (Ampoules) is made using machines in bulk, each batch is made at the exact same time. This means the tests we have will accurately represent every ampoule of that whole batch, this is why it is unlikely for them to be “bunk” without that showing on the test.

    I am unsure what the actual complaint is here but if you do have one you can tag us and we will make sure to check back every couple of days!

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  • @ExpressPCT

    Sorry but thats not true- pharma ampoules are overfilled to prevent this kind of thing. My pharmacy test which is “2ml” is always +0.02. I’m also a nurse and literally every ampoule of any medication you cam think of is overfilled. This is a manufacturer issue. I think you guys are a legit source but sorry thats simply not true. In fact in another thread you acknowledged the issue.

  • @OldManMarc how’s your Testomed E ??? it’s kicking ??? im planning to use the propionate, please let me know your opinion,

  • @Monster86

    I’m currently awaiting my bloodwork, I should have it tomorrow and I will share it here.

  • @CaptainAmerica

    My apologies, I did rant a little.

    My comment is that each ampule contains roughly 0.9ml. And my issue is that over the course of ten injections a month that is one full ml of 250mg/ml testosterone that is ‘in my preparatory math’ but never actually in my system.

  • @ExpressPCT

    My issue or comment is that each amp seems to have 0.9ml of testosterone, and over 10 injections a month, it equates to one full ml of 250mg/ml of testosterone a month that is not injected. Now don’t get me wrong, that could equate to very little in the long run. I don’t know. But it’s just something that I have noticed.

  • @Septicanon Hello,

    A manufacturer choosing to overfill is not so much an issue as it is a manufacturer’s decision. While the manufacturers you are used to may choose to overfill many also do not, there are threads about this regarding other brands on many forums you can find with Googling. It is even mentioned at the top of this thread that ampoules from CVS also appear underfilled when drawn into a syringe.

    As mentioned, Deus Medical will overfill in the future by 5%.

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