Help IDing this lab/brand?

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  • I purchased stuff a while ago and forgot about it. Opened the package and they are not labeled just a black packet with a color on it. Iirc that is how Sasquatch packed his orals. Would anyone be able to help me ID These base based on packaging? I’m 100% positive it was from a source on here as I don’t go anywhere else.

    alt text

  • Sasqatch labs . thats 12.5 aromasin. My first cycle was on his gear. You prob bought that when he was selling it at $10ish before MIA.

  • @Musclehead34

    Thanks man I was almost positive that’s what it was. Any reason he went MIA? any reports of underdosed/bunk stuff as he was going out? I want to make sure it’s okay to use. I know it’s only aromasin but still

  • @bottomfeeder52. My last cycle I was dosing it twice a week. Had a test level of 3006 and 20 estrogen. I used him back when he started on Meso. Before he came here and went private. I think he burned some people/exit scam. But I got my pack from blood credit same time he disappeared. And have a stock pile of that AI. His orals tbol and dbol worked for me vs others that have came and gone in the last 12 months. Whatever AI is in that capsule worked .

  • After he left, been no talk on bunk gear. I’m sure he just cleared stock as he dropped prices down half off his whole line . I’m sure he re branded or paranoid with security , why label so oddly.

  • @Musclehead34

    Are you fucking kidding me? 12.5mg aromasin 2x a week? I need .5mg Adex EOD on 250mg test E. God damn. Thank you for the info though!

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