LnL Test E @400mg / week 1932 ng/dL 4.83x

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  • Link to Bloodwork https://imgur.com/gallery/rdxMgfj
    Source Lock and Load
    Test Ester Running Enanthate
    Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 400 Mg
    Other Compounds in Cycle N/A
    Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg)
    Weeks Run 12+
    Draw Time from Last Pin 48
    Blood Results 1932
    Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 1932 ng/dl
    Testosterone Multiplier 4.83
    Test Capped at 1500? No
    Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml 4 pg/ml
    Liver/Lipids Elevated? No
    Anything Else Goes Below
    Blood Thicker than Yogurt pls help, Why am I still smol?

    A few months ago I posted bloodwork with the same Mg amount, but the results were from 72 hours post injection so they were not counted. I did not know it should have been 48 hours post injection at the time of that last post. I was concerned the Test E I got was dosed oddly, as I have referred a friend to the same source and he reported his Test reading was a lot higher than mine with the same time between injections. For reference he was around 3000 ng/dl 96 hours post injection @ 500 mg /week. He also got bloodwork done this week and it was 1325 ngdl 96 hours post @ 200 mg/ week. I explain this same topic in my last post for bloods with LnL. How is his multiplier 6-7x 4 days later when mine is comparably lower 2 days later? My last post went nowhere because I was a lurker and hadn’t made any posts, but i’ve done so over the last couple months since. Also, no clue why my e2 is that low. I haven’t taken any AI for months because the last time I did, it showed as 0 on bloodwork. I stuck with this same mg amount for months because I knew something did not feel right in comparison to sources I’ve used in the past. I waited it out, got more bloodwork done at the right timing and something is still up.

  • There are so many factors that go into the multiplier. One of them being GENETICS. Some people will just convert at a lower rate. Your free test is what really matters anyways for gains. You should get that measured too.

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