EU Source for Raloxifene?

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  • I can’t find raloxifene on stock, I want to buy it before starting my cycle, just in case.
    I saw that DragonOrdnance has it on stock (Domestic USA), but that means they don’t ship it to EU, do they?

    Is that raloxifene legit? Any trusted sources for this thing?

  • Pharmaceutical Raloxifene has been difficult to acquire this year as it’s no longer available (or too expensive) in many countries pharmaceutically. If the stars align I’ll get some in stock this month.

    Alternatively, I remember PharmasourceEU over on Meso selling UGL Raloxifen for a very fair price.

    DO’s own Raloxifen is indeed legit (I would guess he’s using the same raws PPL has tested for purity, which turned out really good) but I’m unsure about the shipping abroad.

  • @Liska Thank you for your answer. I contacted DragonOrdnance and they said that they will have raloxifene in tablet form in the next two weeks :)

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