Thoughts on ED meds as a vasodilator

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  • I’ve heard of multiple people using cialis and Viagra for the pump effects and vasodilator qualities. Has anyone had any experience with this. Is it similar to no2 products? how much mg and time frame before a workout? Thanks in advance guys.

  • Yea, 5 mg Cialis is enough for the effects you’re looking for. Some people take 5 mg daily. I take 10 - 20 mg spread throughout the day if I really want to give my female a juicy Johnson.

  • @hypeofbeauty1 5-10mg of cialis 30-60 minutes before a workout is my fave.
    Better than a lot of no2 products I’ve tried

  • 5mg daily cialis provides some crazy pumps and I love how vascular it makes me. Viagra PWO is pretty fun too, but Cialis is easier on a day to day basis.

  • @TripleBSolutions said in Thoughts on ED meds as a vasodilator:

    5mg daily cialis provides some crazy pumps and I love how vascular it makes me. Viagra PWO is pretty fun too, but Cialis is easier on a day to day basis.

    This, cialis^👍

  • I definitely like cialis as a vasodilator. Viagra works but give me headaches sometimes. If you’re buying a powdered pwo for “pump” supplements, it’s nearly a waste imo. There’s a few “natural” vasodilator I like tho. Things like watermelon and beet juice would be my natty suggestions, with some extra sugar and sea salt (although the last 2 aren’t vasodilators, they will make you more vascular and improve pump when used preworkout).
    Personally if I wanted a good preworkout mix it would be something like

    -5mg cialis (can be taken hours before since half life is long)

    -Ephedrine + caffeine (forget the dosing on ephedrine but basically I start at 1 pill and around 100mg caffeine and get lit. Ephedrine can be increased to 2 pills sometimes when I used to use clen alot more)

    -Small amount (half tsp-ish) of high quality sea salt (must be sea salt for all the other minerals imo)

    -50-100 grams sugar (usually gummi candy for me)

    -1 fat spoonful of vegetable glycerin (start low and increase over time or have fun shitting yourself at the gym…)

    -any fast acting steroids of choice (generally high androgenic compounds for the increased aggression and strength…like halo, mtren, superdrol, etc. Dbol if you’re running full dose preworkout is nice too imo. But I usually prefer to take every 5-6 hrs to keep it steady in the system).

  • @Stumpjumper2017 this would also be similar to the stack I use before pumping up and going on stage. To any competitors out there who aren’t using shit prior to pump up, start now! I know everyone is backstage with their evogen pump shit and whatever else, and that’s fine. But imo those wont do nearly as much as things like pure vegetable glycerin, cialis or viagra, real salt and sugar, and some fast acting drugs. The day I went pro, I…
    -took 1 armadafinil (I try to limit caffeine on show day because imo it will fuck with you pump and vascularity…I mean, it is a vasoconstrictor at a certain dose)
    -popped about 5mg cialis when I woke up at 4am and 5mg about an hour before stage time,
    -pinned about 50mg test base/0.5mg mtren about an hour before stage time,
    -popped 10mg halo and some tbol (forgot the dose) about an hour before stage time,
    -drank 1 tsp pink salt, 20 grams dextrose, 1-2 tbsp glycerin, and a Dixie cup of water a couple mins before pumping up
    -pumped the fuck up and got one of those amazing, feel like your pumped an hour after you leave the gym type pumps. If you go on stage without a pump you wont look as freaky, simple as that.

  • Thanks guys. you answered me questions perfectly. That is why I’m so glad I found this community back in the reddit days.

  • Stick with cialis over viagra. All ED drugs act as PDE inhibitors which allow for the vasodilation. Viagra is super specific in binding to PDE5 cells which is great for erections, not so hot for pumps. Cialis is the least specific PDE inhibitor-- meaning it can bind to all the proteins-- which is why its best for vasodilation in skeletal muscle. It has a half life of about 36hr so time your doses accordingly.

    ^^ everything @Stumpjumper2017 sounds perfect. Salt+carbs+hydration is key.

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