AI Use in Women Pre-Contest

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  • I have a female competitor friend of mine who looking for some extra help in hardening up for a show.

    Does anyone have any experience / knowledge regarding use of AI by women for pre-contest purposes for a short period of time (two weeks or so, leading up to a show).

    My biggest concern for her is any long term impact on her reproductive health given that estrogen plays a much more significant role in her reproductive system.

    She would be dropping the AI right after the show if she were to use it.

  • @ItsJD why not just tell her to buy anavar?

  • @RoyRogers she’s likely already using it and the AI is just to dry her out and make her grainier pre contest

  • @BigDaddyV5150 @RoyRogers That’s correct. Just looking for added dryness / graininess pre-contest.

    I have heard of instances of female competitors taking 0.5mg - 0.75mg letro 4-5 days pre-contest. I’m just seeing if there is anybody out there who is knowledgeable on this topic. Don’t want to do any permanent damage.

    Yes, letro is prescribed for breast cancer but it is often for post-menopausal women. This person is not post-menaopasual.

  • @ItsJD I personally don’t have experience in this but have a friend in the gym I can ask she would know

  • @BigDaddyV5150 Much appreciated. Any info is appreciated.

  • @ItsJD I asked and she wants a little more info she said women can certainly use AI but it may not be necessary. Is she already on gear? If so what is it and what dosage? What is her current bf and weight and what is her goal?

  • I’ve used ai in women and been less than impressed.
    I’d opt for nolva 10-20mg
    Aldactone for excess water 4-7 days out maybe 25mg split 2x a day ~12 hours apart
    Maybe proviron in the 10-25mg range 3-4 weeks out if she can handle it without great side effects.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 Right now 10mg var and 25mg Primo / wk. Bf is low, at a September show she was in the 7% range (shredded glutes). Two months later she did a show after starting on 10/mg var / day and 50/mg primo /wk for six weeks (confident the primo is legit) but she didn’t bring the same conditioning, she swears she wasn’t cheating on her diet and she was doing a ton of cardio. She didn’t bring the same conditioning and was holding some water.

    Is it possible that even though the two compounds are dry, (she has been natty for 15 years, a little deca when she was younger) that they were so much of a shock to her that it threw everything off? She is now three weeks out from another show.

  • @paulie_rocket Thanks for the insight.

  • @ItsJD it’s possible. Hormones can change us a lot so it’s very possible after being natural for so long that she added the extra bf from adding the hormones. I got the recommendation of 5-15mg test prop and/or 5-15mg tren ace. Start as low as possible and work your way up, my female competitor friend said not only is that more effective than AI but should work better than the var and primo for getting stage ready. Now if she wants to stay on the var and primo then the diet may have to change. Since she hasn’t changed her diet I’m sure changing things would help. Maybe not decreasing calories but eating different foods. She may also need to take a little time off from shows and learn how her body works on gear more my friend said that when she started juicing she had to take about 6 months off because her body started working completely differently and she had to make adjustments and re learn her body before she could get stage ready again.
    Now, she can use AI but again start at as low a dose as possible and work up until she finds what works for her but my friend said that they aren’t as effective as you’d think look wise and come with a whole plethora of side effects.

  • @ItsJD
    Ime on primo women can hold some water and generally I’ve seen that they tend to look their tightest after coming off primo for a couple weeks.

  • @BigDaddyV5150

    5-15mg test po and 5-15 tren e per day? And how many days or weeks out? She is approaching two weeks out.

  • @paulie_rocket Got it. She dropped the Primo two weeks ago so that should help.

  • @ItsJD tren ace not e. Women respond better with short eaters. I’d say 12-16 weeks out depending on her goals but if she starts today 2 weeks will still yield a noticeable gain.
    Has she tried clen or yohimbine as well? That’s be a good addition as well

  • @BigDaddyV5150 She is taking clen already she bumps it up every few weeks and doesn’t exceed 100 mcg / day.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 She is two weeks out right now. Will recommend that she consider Tren A at the dose above ASAP.

  • @ItsJD
    Tren A Jesus what division is she?

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