How to tell if gyno is forming?

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  • So I’m about 4 weeks in to my current blast and feel great. I’m pinning 80 Test C/80 DHB/50 NPP/40-50 Dbol ED. I haven’t used any AI except for 12.5 Aromasin once a few weeks ago. Currently, I feel a soft, small pellet right beneath the nipple on my right side (also on the left, but not as prevalent to my touch). Nothing is really hurting (although I have felt some slight sensations on my right side today, not sure if I’m overthinking) and I’m not playing with them, but I’m curious should I start to be concerned here and dose Aromasin? Was planning on pulling bloods in a about 2 weeks.

    Thanks in advance fellas.

    Update: I just took 12.5 mg Asin and 20 mg Nolva. Would really appreciate it if someone could chime in with a regimen to help me mitigate/reverse this.

  • Gynos before hoes

  • I wouldn’t take nolvadex on cycle, remove the source of the high estrogen. 40-50mgs of dbol a day is an insane amount in my opinion even though I know many people run that much and more. I never exceed 25mg.

    Definitely start running aromasin regularly but don’t overdo it and crash your estrogen. Estrogen increases the anabolic response to training, thats also why I would take nolvadex on cycle as it blocks Estrogens expression at the receptor potentially hurting your gains.

    Minor nodes like that will shrink down once your estrogen is back under control. And running 20mgs of nolva for 2-3 weeks off cycle will help sort anything out

  • Thanks man. I appreciate the reply and info. I was told by multiple people to run Nolva @ 20 mg a day until it has subsided. I plan on running 12.5 mg Asin 2-3x a week as well. Maybe I will dial back the DBol too. Does this all sound like an OK plan?

    I’d like to nip this in the bud so to speak unless you think running the Nolva on cruise is better.

  • the little pebble is definitely a sign from my experience, remember it from when i was a fucking teen. like a baby pea, a mini enlarged gland type feeling in your fingers? forever downhill from there-that shit is nothing to take lightly. nolva/ralox on cycle is definitely the way to go for the time being if you plan on continuing to blast and don’t want to risk anything… at least until you get bloods back to confirm you’re back in range with your AI protocol. unless you’re straight nuking your estro and you know it, of course, but I’d assume if you intend on continuing to run this blast you don’t want that. a month or whatever of nolva isn’t going to be a big deal, i hate that shit too but it is what it is would you rather have a fucking tit?

  • Defiantly sounds like the start. Partly agree with both comments here.

    That test and dbol dosage has to have your estrogen through the roof. So I would consider at least lowering dbol (this change can have the quickest impact) and implementing nolva. Maybe an ai for a short period to get it under control

  • @kingofcarbz yea, if I place my finger on my nipple and slightly press I can feel a small pebble underneath. Will that go away?

    @PrimoRox would dropping DBol altogether be best? I’ve been running it 4 weeks now, still have a bit left. But want to get rid of pebbles.

  • @MikeAlstott i would, dbol is essentially just oral testosterone and aromatizing about the same degree.

    You’ve already got a decent dose of test in there so if it was me I’d drop that and if you need those additional milligrams maybe sub in something non aromatizing like an anavar? Or if you want more retention like you would form dbol maybe anadrol? All depends if you need the mgs and if you need orals

  • To @PrimoRox and everyone else, thanks for the help.

    One more question: I have blood work ordered but figure I should wait a couple weeks to use it after starting this regimen. I’m testing for prolactin levels too. Should I begin dosing caber as well now just in case and if so what dosage and schedule do you recommend?

    In a bit confused because I thought high prolactin would make my dick stop working but everything is great besides this minor flare it seems…

  • How do you know if it’s gyno? It hurts.

  • @Getinold raise your arm up over your head and pinch behind the nipple. If you feel something hard there you go

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