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  • I am currently on just a 500 mg pinned 2x at 250mg weekly cycle. Do you guys have any suggestions for a pre workout on gym days? I’ve taken dbol before but I was wondering the general consensus on non ester pre workouts ?? Just need a little extra pick me up in the form of an AAS on gym days. what do you guys take, dosage and frequency please.

  • I’m partial to a regular old preworkout - 300mg caffeine, 6-9g citrulline, 2-3g beta alanine, salt, lots of water, food, and 5mg Cialis. I could imagine using various injectable PWO for an event but for a day to day PWO I actually feel too reliant on what I wrote out above. If I didn’t have it would my training be impacted? Seems it would be even worse with something stronger for regular use.

  • @hypeofbeauty1

    I wouldn’t alter your planned cycle by adding an oral unless you’ve done it with this level of test before. Save it for a future cycle so you can monitor this one for the sides you get from 500 test e without complications from another AAS.

    I’d suggest 50mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine (1 cup coffee), 60-90 minutes before any heavy day but no more than twice a week. week.

  • @hypeofbeauty1 depends on your level of AAS use. A personal favorite of mine is dbol. Oral or injectable, I don’t notice much difference. 25-50mg pwo is what I use. If you’re a more advanced user then intractable mtren is incredible. Start at 1mg but if you work up to 2 it really kicks your workout up a notch. Im a fan of regular tren ace pwo if you can handle the sides. 50mg is all I use.
    In the pump department, cialis at 5-10mg is kick ass and doesn’t give me headaches like viagra.

  • @dudebro73 ephedrines the shit

  • I took frog juice once . sweated bullets and never looked at the clock . 2 1/2 hours I left the gym.

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