Dropping deca

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  • Hey guys, I’m an intermediate user, about 4 cycles deep. I’ve ran NPP and tren before both 19 Nors with test and orals with no issues.
    I’m 10 weeks into this test 500 deca 450 cycle and I can’t deal with the mental sides from deca anymore, I’ve lost all motivation for the gym and I’m paranoid as fuck, last week I started begetting depressed and it’s only gotten worse, I’m not bitching because I know I volunteering for the sides, just wanted some input.

    I’m dropping the deca, what would be a good replacement? I wanna out on size, doesn’t have to be lean size. I’m at 215 now, I’ve changed my whole regiment to size training, if I can do that with just test then I’ll do that but if there’s something that you guys have done before that I haven’t, I’d be willing to give it a shot.

  • @TreyJames you’re only 4 cycles in and have basically used all the major Compounds. Try to put more thought into your cycles.
    I like test for size so do a decent dose of test (I wouldnt exceed a gram, probably 750) add some EQ if you can handle the sides for appetite, the more you eat the more you’ll grow. Throw in some proviron 75-100mg daily To make your test Work better and for the good mental benefits, top it off with some tbol or dbol. I’d say injectable dbol as you’ll already be taking proviron orally.

    OR do the same amount of test stated above and combine it with primo depot at a gram a week. This will provide you with awesome gains and give minimal sides. Add some proviron to this one as well to make it all come together

  • Sure it’s sides and not bunk test? The sides from AAS never make me want to not gym. Only when I’m off or even on a cruise I would rather stay in bed and gym every other day and still its a chore and not productive.

  • @TreyJames many people have issues with 19 nors and they are certainly not needed. Obviously very person/training regimen/goal dependent but masteron and primo are excellent for muscle growth. Just stay in the test/dhts

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  • @PrimoRox I agree. If youre getting depressed the 19nors are not worth it. Plenty of other compounds out there that won’t cause this.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 said in Dropping deca:

    @PrimoRox I agree. If youre getting depressed the 19nors are not worth it. Plenty of other compounds out there that won’t cause this.

    If you already have depression should you avoid 19nors?

  • @biker811 I don’t struggle with depression so I can’t give a definitive answer but judging by how some people experience depression on 19nors I’d say stay away there’s plenty of other things that will get results without the side effects

  • @TreyJames Test + Anadrol, sorted.

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