Low test and high primo

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  • Anyone have any experiences with low test high primo?

    Planning next cycle to be 250 test 400 primo for 20 weeks.

  • I’ve used 125mg test & 600mg primo and that seemed to push e2 below range (one test was an e2 of 8, the next ~20) but at your ratio that should not happen.

    It’s a really comfortable for a cruise, but if your goal is something like a lean bulk, I’d go for a bit more of each compound but for ~12 weeks instead, depending on your current status and cycle history.

  • @Liska

    yeah I was mainly worried about crashed E2

    On 500 test no AI my E2 was 120 on a trough and I had zero estrogenic sides except very very little water retention towards the end of my cycle.

  • @Suprhero Did you ever get your e2 tested as a natty? I’ve read of elite athletes having a natural e2 of 70+ (corresponding to a total test level of ~1000) and have come across such people who did not suffer high e2 sides at 100+, hence one cannot always use the reference range to determine what is unnaturally high or low for individual sex hormone levels.

  • My preferred approach! Love this.

    Technically speaking primo is estrogen neutral compared to masteron which does have a downward pressure on estrogen. That being said I have seen it supposedly push down estrogen levels. Of course there’s the question was their primo actually masteron???

  • @Liska

    Yes my natty test was 800 on one test and 1200 on another

    E2 at 80 on both tests

    Honestly felt like shit as natty lol. Dick was soft and I had pretty bad back acne.

  • @PrimoRox besides mast affecting lipids and primo not doing so, I recommend sticking to labs that have all their batches labtested or incentivize customers to labtest their products.

    since this has become common practice on reputable forums at least, I can’t even remember the last time a reputable lab tried such a compound switch and was found out.

  • @Liska well ya man obviously. I wasn’t talking about sources from this form or anything. Just different bloods I’ve seen was pointing out possibility.

  • Imo primo is dope but it’s the dopest with an appreciable amount of test/e2.
    I’ve had people take say
    500 test
    700 primo
    For a a cycle
    300 test
    150 mast
    700-900 primo
    For another cycle

    From observation it seemed that the missing piece for the second cycle was test and/or estrogen when it came to returns.

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