No AI this blast and I feel great

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  • Just wanted to share that I’m about 4 weeks in on my blast. Feeling fantastic pinning 80 Test C/80 DHB/50 NPP/40 Dbol ED. No AI. I think I dosed 12.5 Asin once a couple weeks ago, but then said fuck it and haven’t touched it since. I have a feeling that pinning ED helps with E2 management. I did start dosing 100-200 mg P5P preemptively recently but I don’t even know if I need that for sure. Will pull bloods in a couple weeks and I imagine my E2 is “high” but it doesn’t matter because I don’t have any bad sides except really mild acne and I’m already acne prone so it’s nothing to me.

    Has anyone else experienced not needing AI and/or pinning ED on blast?

  • @MikeAlstott I don’t use AI. Haven’t for over a year now.

    I also like pinning ED on blast, if I get tired of being a pin cushion I go to eod but I can usually handle it since I cruise for a decent time in between. I’m not sure if that has much of an effect on the e2 levels but it might. Having stable levels of other hormones may result in less over compensation of estrogen but idk

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying this blast though man keep it up.

  • Yes, I’m estro sensitive and I’ve not needed any with this protocol I’ve used since May. Bloods checked every 3 months, all good but HDL cholesterol nosedived.

    TestE 350 /week (increased it from 300 after 3 months)
    TrenE 350/week (increased it from 300 after 3 months)
    Anadrol 50mg/day (2 weeks on /1 weeks off) (switched from Winstrol 50/day after 3 months)

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