TripleBSolutions A++ Gear.

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  • Just wanted to post a t/a + anecdotal review on this vendor.

    I saw how he was being highly vouched for by other vendors, mainly one of my favs (SYN) and had to give him a go.

    The customer service was top notch, answered my emails within 30mins, even at what would be considered “after-hours” for most vendors. From the get go seems like a top notch guy friendly and very professional. I made the order of some test and Deca, and he shipped it out i believe within the hour plus the pack arrived within 2 business days.

    The gear quality is some of the best I’ve ever had to this day in all my years in the game. Oil was smooth, drew/pinned effortlessly and for the ratio of gear to oil that he puts in his vials, the pip or any actual pain was non existent. Legit smooth as butter. Prices and comms are all up to par/ better than with the best old-school vendors.

    I cant say enough good things for Trip and i recommend all of you give him a go, you wont regret it. I’m currently using a new account, my old one (Ghastly) i forgot the details for the email and for the life of me couldn’t get back on after the new site-remodeling kicked me off my regular sign in lol😁

    Now i’m gonna give it about a month and get them bloods in to make it official but i know this gear is gonna have my numbers through the roof.

    Much love to all my brothers out here,

    P.S. if any admin can help me get my account back i would greatly appreciate it.

  • @ghastlyy Thank you for the in-depth review! I’m really glad to hear you loved the experience. Definitely look forward to doing business with you again.

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