Colonial Labs - 50mg TestE EOD - 1,521ng/dL

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    Source Colonial Labs
    Test Ester Running Enenthate
    Weekly Testosterone Dose (mg) 50Mg EOD
    Other Compounds in Cycle Aromasin,
    Weekly Dose Other Compunds (mg) 12.5Mg Asin
    Weeks Run 6
    Draw Time from Last Pin 24
    Blood Results
    Testosterone Reading in ng/dl 1521ng/dl
    Testosterone Multiplier Math? What is this?
    Test Capped at 1500? No
    Estrogen (E2) Reading pg/ml 63pg/ml
    Liver/Lipids Elevated? No
    Anything Else Goes Below Bacne and e2 have been a little hard to manage.
    Blood Thicker than Yogurt pls help, Why am I still smol? Puffy Nips Crew
  • 8.7 multiplier because your weekly dosage is 175mg. Nice.

  • Great results! Can you please add the multiplier (8.69x) when you get a chance? Thank you for sharing this!

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