Torn Pectoral Muscle

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  • So I torn my left pectoral Muscle this past Monday doing barbell flat bench. Looks like I’ll have surgery next Tuesday for the repair. Has anyone had a similar injury, and how long was your recovery time? Also once recovered and rehabilitated, how long should I wait to get back on a cycle? I want to avoid another injury as this happened halfway through my current cycle. Thanks in advance.

  • @squatpro Really just depends on you. I hate to say it like that, but as far as recovery goes for a torn pectoral, you have to take it day by day and be very easy on it. I started out with shoulder mobility exercises and gradually would increase each week into some new exercise at a very lightweight and slowly build up until I was recovered. It’s been 4 years and looks just the same as it ever did, however it still feels weird at times and I try to be careful. I also tore my quad and patella femoral tendon and used TB500 and BPC 157 to recover, it went by incredibly smoothly, and was a much faster recovery for a far worse injury. I would recommend you look into those to prepare yourself as best you can.

  • @chimpanzee19 as far as weight training, is your strength back to normal or higher?

  • @squatpro Oh yeah, way higher than it was prior. I wasn’t super serious about strength prior, but 2 years afterwards I could incline bench 405 for a few reps or so and I’m sitting at almost about the same now years down the road

  • @chimpanzee19 ok awesome. I am concerned that after recovery I won’t be the same. But hopefully everything goes well. Also, I checked out those products you mentioned above, they seem legit.

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