Favorite Injectable Oral?

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  • Dbol, Anadrol, Winny, Sdrol, other and why?

    If none… why? Curious if any negative experiences as well

  • @MEAUX mtren and dbol are all I’ve tried but I love both. Dbol is one of my fave compounds altogether so I’m a little biased but injectable mtren is awesome the strength is incredible and I get relatively no sides from it. Lethargy and some acid reflux but they’re both manageable. I think I still prefer tren ave because lethargy is one of my least favorite side effects and I get energetic on tren but mtren gives you an unmatchable strength gain. It works fast as hell too

  • Msten has been the only injectable oral I’ve run and it was great. Attempted to run it alongside Tren ace but bp and headache sides were enough to make me run both solo, through their courses. That was the only negative.

  • Running inj. DBol right now and so far I really like it. Haven’t pushed it too high yet, think the highest I’ve gone is 50 mg, but it’s still pretty good. First time running DBol period btw.

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