HGH and Eating

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  • I want to try to get this cleared up and am hoping that some of the users with more experience than I can help clarify some questions I have regarding GH.

    I have searched through many different forums and no one seems to be on the same page. This is my first time running GH and I am taking 4iu/day. What is everyone’s thoughts on the best time to dose and the best time to eat.

    I am currently cutting and using the GH to help burn some fat and hold on to some muscle. For about 4wks I was dosing the full 4iu at around 5am and then going back to sleep until about 7. About a week ago I switched to 2iu pre and post workout which introduced the concern about eating carbs. I don’t want to become diabetic.

    I don’t want to spark a huge debate but would like to hear some peoples opinons and their reasoning behind those opinions. There was a thread where someone was asking the best way to use insulin and GH in conjuction that I found some good info from so I am going to tag a couple users.

    @ThatSteroidGuy @TripleBSolutions

  • your first approach seems better for lipolysis, though the dosis is a bit high - I’d try splitting it up into 2iu morning + before bed, keeping it away from meals and active during a fasted state as much as possible.



  • @Liska thank you for the response! So everywhere I have read that I should not administer any before bed as to ensure that I still receive my natural pulse of GH while I sleep.

  • Simple as it get can get here. Take 2iu first thing am and 2iu pre bed. If you do fasted activity in the morning sure but don’t worry about it if your not.

  • @PrimoRox So my last meal of the day is around 1230am due to working 2nd shift. It is a no carb meal, 1 cup egg whites, 1 cup broccoli and half an avocado. Is this something that I should refrain from?

    By the time I fall asleep it is usually around 3am most nights. (my sleep schedule is fucked I know lol)

  • @JAKRPH literally have 0 concern pinning around food/not around food. Brush your teeth pin your gh go to bed haha

  • @PrimoRox Ok lol Maybe I am overthinking this whole thing (common for me).

    So 2iu morning, back to sleep for 3hrs eat breakfast and go about my day. Return home eat at 1245am pin 2iu to fall asleep around 3am. Sound good??

  • @JAKRPH honestly if I was you for simplistic sake, if your pinning the 2iu and going back to sleep and your only doing 4iu total if it was me I’d just take that all pre bed

  • @PrimoRox what’s your reasoning for pre bed?
    Is that just a personal preference?
    I don’t think you’re wrong I’m just curious.
    I have a coach that prefers taking it during the day when you wouldn’t be getting much of a natural gh release

  • @PrimoRox Ok, I mean I have some play with my schedule so maybe it would be in my best interest to do the 2iu in the morning followed by my cardio (fasted) then breakfast and another 2iu before bed.

    My coach just has me doing cardio at any point and hasn’t mentioned any fasted cardio at this point.

  • Safe and easy? I would echo what most people are saying here, split the dosage. If you can workout mid day or mid afternoon taking your second dose around that time is probably optimal. You can and should monitor your blood glucose levels. You can always add Berberine or Metformin to help control your insulin resistance. For what you are trying to accomplish you’re just fine keeping it simple and injecting AM and Pre-bed.

    Fasted cardio, Tren, and HGH with a good diet tends to produce some amazing results. Personally I think diet is the most important part of the whole mix.

  • @TripleBSolutions Thank you sir! Just threw in tren on monday. Have been running Test, EQ, GH and var for 5 weeks.

    I’m trying to run through a prep (not competing). I’m hoping to start med school next year so i think this will be the last time I’ll be able to commit to something this demanding for a long time. I want to see what single digit BF% looks and feels like.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 essentially the best place if anabolism is the mane goal. Think of how gh works, essentially releases stored energy into the bloodstream. Any other time during the day your awake and will “burn” into this. This is why people recommend pre fasted cardio because it will burn the liberated body fat that gh dumps into the blood

  • @JAKRPH if you were going to do that, that is how I would do it. But these really are minor things. Whatever is easily adhered to and best fits in the day plan is best.

  • @PrimoRox okay I’ll keep that in mind. I plan to use gh soon and I’m probably going to try a couple different things, although I was told before bed isn’t the best time I had a feeling it was still effective. I don’t like to just listen to what people tell me because chances are they only say what someone told them. I’ve always been one to try everything and see what works best for me, thanks for the insight man.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy generic vs pharma hgh has been discussed in the community eversince I can remember, what lead you to choose genos over generics? having seen bloodwork as well as the labtests by jano of genotropin and some other pharma gh vs various generics (meditrope, optis etc), I wonder if there are certain other measurable markers you can recommend to discern a difference in quality.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy said in HGH and Eating:

    @Liska first hand experience, tbh.

    I agree that anecdotes from users & sources alone aren’t sufficient ‘quality control’, hence I’m an advocate for having products tested in the lab - regarding your concerns about health risks, could those not be eliminated by having a generic HGH tested for contaminants etc. ?

    I believe that especially as a source, and especially when we make expensive recommendations such as pharma > generics, we should back that up with scientific evidence that allow for people to make informed decisions. Maybe @GoodLyfe can contribute on the topic & what kind of tests besides purity/dimer they perform on their product.

  • @Liska I agree 100% that testing should be performed on generics regularly. Even a supposed gmp facility can dump sub-par product into vendors hands. I don’t really see the need for any other variable testing on GH other than purity, dimer, and IU. I am not a GH expert or a scientist though.

    As far as pharma over generic? The main differences I see are two things. 1) if a pharma product does not meet certain standards it is not sold to the public. If generic GH does not meet certain standards it is discounted and sold anyways.

    1. The money tunnel of insurance, brand patents, and prescription coverage make Pharma seem superior because it is much more expensive.

    But, is pharma GH a superior product when generics are testing at 99% pure and zero dimer? Maybe yes, maybe no. It is interesting to think about.

    Some people swear that pharma works better than generic, I am not convinced. Anyways, this is a great conversation. Hopefully more people will jump on board that may have some different insight.


    I was always told “GH for breakfast and lunch, but never dinner.”

    As apparently Dosing before bed can inhibit your own GH.

  • @OldManMarc as you’ll produce less nocturnally the older you get (or the worse you sleep), injecting more than naturally produced would negative this drawback - similarly to how exogenous testosterone shuts down endogenous production necessitating an adequate dose to yield benefits.

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