Can Testosterone blasts "use up" your iron stores?

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  • I’m testing low in Iron Ferritin, and a little low in iron saturation.

    I’ve been taking iron supplements but can’t seem to get my ferritin up, and have symptoms of low iron that are becoming very difficult to make life normal.

    Can being on high (500mg a week+) levels of testosterone, use up your iron?

    If so, should I get as close to TRT type levels of test injections, until my Ferritin builds up?

  • @glibswol

    There is a good post somewhere on here that explains it well, but yes, blasting can deplete your iron, believe it or not. Most AAS stimulates your bone marrow to produce more red blood cells, which require iron to make, depleting your iron stores.

    But at some point it’s a good idea to donate to keep your Hemocrit down, further purging iron. So long story short, donate as needed and take iron.

    That’s what I got out of it. If you can find the post it explains it better than I can.

  • I wouldn’t expect to see that unless you are one of these guys that donates heavily. I would look more at the diet honestly. Are you a red meat eater? Green veg? Do you eat foods with anti nutrients causing malabsorption?

  • @brady-pipes69 Thanks! So, basically any compound that is anabolic, and growing muscle, needs iron and thus, could deplete iron? Say, even Primobolan?

    I think I need to cut back my Testosterone to like 200mg a week, and see if my Iron finally goes up. I’ve been supplementing, but my ferritin and iron will not go up. Frustrating and exhausting, literally. Life is passing me by. I think its extra bad right now because I had to take antibiotics and it ripped up my gut.

  • i think there is something to this theory. i tested low on iron recently and i eat plenty of beef. my cruise has also been more of a miniblast

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