PIP about 2-3 days after pin day?

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  • I’ve been on a small test blast for a while recently switched to a new vial (SoCo gear from around July) and after pinning my glute, no pain no issue. 2 days later at night while training got some real bad pip like I had been punched. Now the day after it’s noticeably less painful but still not 100%. Ive had an abscess that needed surgery before on a quad injection so I’m a bit worried. No pink skin or warmth in the area. A bit bruised but lower than the injection site. Might be from trying to massage. Any insight?

  • I’ll also add when I was pinning my glute I got a bit of a twitch from what looked like a nerve I guess? No pain just a twitch so pi pushed onward

  • So you might have hit a nerve and you are using new gear your muscle isn’t used to and you got some pain that is improving and it’s also not pink or warm.

    What type of insight are you looking for brother?

  • @fattyboydylan sorry what I meant is a new vial. Been using soco for over a year. And IME pain doesn’t appear after 3 or so days. PIP is usually a day one thing that just worsens a bit and then subsides. Also wasn’t sure about the nerve which is why I ask

  • @Bcuzimbatman

    What’s the carrier oil. I cannot tolerate the mig840 from soco. Absolute no go for me. Got a couple bottles of test e 250 in Mig840. Horrible pip. I can tolerate it well if I cut it with some neutral, sterile GSO. I am using it up for my cruise, so I am not wasting it.

    The GSO test E 250, smooth as silk. No

  • @Bcuzimbatman I just wanted to word it out like that cause I think its nothing to worry about, I personally have random injections that hurt 2-3 days after for what seems like no reason. If it doesn’t get better and/or it does it repeatedly then you need to step back and figure out what it is but it could only be a few things.

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