SoCo Legit Pre-Scam Products?

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  • Is anyone else questioning the legitimacy of products they have ordered from SoCo? I just ordered some EQ, var, and winny from him about 2 months ago. This is my first time running var so I don’t know if its legit or not. I usually run more powerful orals. EQ is not noticeable for me either. I have noticed an increase in my cardio but I am also cutting and have dropped a significant amount of weight which could explain the increase in cardio.

    Currently in wk 5 of a prep and I am definitely making good progress but it’s in the back of my head that this shit is fake now.

    Edited to add more info

  • @JAKRPH soco had good gear. You have a legitimate point as to why you should question it but when he scammed he stopped sending gear altogether there weren’t reports of bogus gear so I’m going to assume it’s good.
    There’s a big chance he’s going to take a break and come back under a different name. He made really good gear and knew how to source very well. This is a cycle that a lot of sources go through, for every drug trade. They reach a certain profit goal, then exit scam and make as much as they can before they shut it down for a little. Then they come back under a new brand and restart the cycle. Chances are the gear you got is good.
    On top of that, I’m order to effectively scam people he would have had to be sending good gear out prior to his exit because if someone came out saying they got bunk shit then less people would purchase from him resulting in a less effective exit. In order to make as much as possible he would have to be sending high quality gear to attract as many customers as possible before his exit.

  • Yup, what he said above. Lots of bloodwork and testing to back up SoCo’s gear. I can’t imagine he would bunk it before exiting. He probably had a huge stash.

  • I just finished a vial of test from soco from an 04/20 batch, 200 mg put me at 1867 ng/dl. So its definitely good gear.

  • Awesome, thank you guys for reassuring me. Just a shitty nagging voice in the back of my mind questioning the gear. Maybe my expectations for var were too high lol


    Yeah var is subtle at best. More of a feel good thing imo.

  • @brady-pipes69 Gotcha. I definitely feel good. Thought that could just be the test and EQ.

  • @brady-pipes69 what dosages have you ran var at? I haven’t ran it personally and most the people I know who have are female but a friend of mine said in high dosages the gains were awesome with no side effects that he could tell

  • I second what everybody else has said, never had a bad product from him… to my knowledge at least. However shit like this always makes me wonder what kind of ethics are involved elsewhere in the operation too, y’know?

  • @kingofcarbz Yeah, I understand that we are forced to rely on a black market which, inherently makes quality sketchy. The benefit of a site like this is that we have somewhat of a free market. The site introduces accountability in the form of their reputation. If someone fucks up or sells bunk shit there are a thousand other people that want to take their place, which we are seeing right now after this whole debacle. That being said, with SoCo pulling this exit scam it makes me question his previous solid reputation.

    @BigDaddyV5150 I have been running the var at 50mgs for the past 4 weeks and just bumped it up to 100mgs this past wednesday. I am cutting tho and have dropped a significant amount of weight.

  • @JAKRPH well yeah there are usually poor ethics involved in black market businesses but the idea is to make as much money as possible and like you and myself stated before, they do have a reputation that people hold them to. Exit scams are incredibly common in all drug trades typically a source will do it and go on a leave of absence then come back under a new brand name. The quality is almost always top notch though because they want as much money as possible. Hence why they exit scam. Before their “vacation” they try and round up as much money as possible. If the quality wasn’t there then people would call him out and drive his sales down. Before an exit you want sales at an all time high which is why he had an “open to the public” announcement and why he had no limit to quantity purchased on his site prior to the exit.
    Although exits are common the vendors usually keep the quality on point in order to make more money.

    On the var, 100mg is a decent dosage. I know it’s very good for cutting I wonder how it would work on a bulk. Do you think you could put on some size with this compound?

  • @BigDaddyV5150

    You can def bulk on var. I’ve kept everything I’ve gained on it. Back Pumps are pretty bad when it comes to deadlifting and squatting but it’s honestly great cause the risk reward ratio is great. Plus you don’t get a ton of bloat like other orals.

    I ran Syn’s @50mg ED for 6 weeks. Was gonna do 8 but had to cut it short due to starting meet prep early.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 Yeah I think putting on QUALITY muscle is very possible. I haven’t experienced any serious pumps yet at 100mgs but leg day is tomorrow which usually will light my low back up on other orals. Dbol and Sdrol the low back pumps can be debilitating for me. Like have to pull the car over debilitating lol

    I have heard great things about Syn’s var, skin splitting pumps and I’ll probably go through him once I run through the rest of this SoCo stuff.

    I was particularly concerned about the orals from SoCo as it would be so easy to just fill a hopper up with filler and let it run and save the raws for when he comes back under a new brand.

    My friend who is a female IFBB pro always joked about var calling them flinstone vitamins and tbh I understand why now. But as I stated most of my experience with orals have been more powerful compounds. Love me some Adrol, can’t handle the Sdrol like I could when I was younger.

  • I am running SoCo’s test, mast, EQ, var, and dbol at 525/420/175/50/25.

    The test and mast are from older batches. The test I have bloodwork on so I know at least that is good.

    The EQ has only been 3 weeks, so too soon to say. It is thick as mud at 600mg/mL but no pip (pinning daily).

    I’ve never tried dbol before so it’s hard to say. My second day on this cycle my ankles swelled up which is my telltale high e2 warning sign, and the pumps came on quick.

    I’ve run his var in the past and at 25 I could feel it. That was a batch with black/white caps. This batch is dark blue/light blue caps and after three weeks I am honestly wondering if I’m even on anything. But I am also mindfucked thanks to the exit scam.

    I have another batch of his var that I tried today and I swear I felt it more, worse sides, heartburn, pumps, shit appetite, but again placebo is a real thing and I have my own bias.

    At this point I’m OK as long as my test is legit… I will probably up the test and ride this out for a while.

  • @BulKKing-Labs maybe you have insight into some of these concerns.

    I would not expect any source ever to disclose intentionally or unintentionally improperly dosing their products unless testing shows that to be the case, so I won’t ask. However maybe you have an idea of whether you were SoCo’s only brewer. I’m sure SoCo was smart enough to keep everyone as siloed as possible.

  • @EnjoyYourSymptom alright so my var is grey and red caps. I swear I can’t feel anything significant either. I also have his 600mg/ml EQ and it is the consistency of any other oil I have.

    I’m running my own test which I know is legit. But this is also why I have been thinking this shit is bunk because I dropped a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight going into this cut. We’re talking 20lbs here. I know probably about 10lbs of that was just water as I had run deca before this. I also think I cut my Cal’s a little too agressively.

    To adress the dbol thing. That is the reason I can’t run it. If your like me I aromatize like a motherfucker and it was just waaaay to estrogenic for me. I have no problems with anything else. Even anadrol which is a debate whether it aromatizes but its definitely wet. On dbol my nips started getting sore and I ditched it. I still have like 75 50mg dbols I have no use for anymore lol Maybe to jump start my E2 at some point if it crashes hard.

  • @Mstew7358 back pumps hurt but they also feel kind of good in a way lol as long as it’s not crippling.
    I think I’m going to try var for bulking relatively soon, thanks for the insight

  • @JAKRPH yeah it would be easy to fake orals and although side effects aren’t the most effective way to tell if your gears legit, you do typically get sides from orals that if I didnt get I may question my source, especially in this situation.
    I also can’t handle sdrol anymore lol and Adrol I love too but it tends to fuck with my appetite after awhile, I understand why it does but I can’t seem to get past it. I personally love dbol, it’s my favorite oral so far but
    I’m probably giving var a shot. I have heard a few people recommend syn for var. I like to stick with the sources I always go to but I might just buy a bunch of var off him. Thank you!

  • @BigDaddyV5150 Man when I could handle Sdrol I fuckin loved that shit. First cycle I ever did was test kick started with Sdrol and put on 15lbs in the first 3wks lol that shit is like poison to me now though. I get lethargic, can’t eat, don’t even wanna get out of bed to go to the gym ugh…

    Yea I think @Synergy-Forge is the way to go brother. I just ordered some Tren A from him. The whole process was very smooth. Ordered from him on a Saturday and got my package today. Had to go through him after SoCo screwed me over and put the prep a week behind. I’m looking forward to trying his var that I’ve heard so much about.

  • shit I just remembered I have 120 winny’s from him too. Man, one thing to get fucked once, but twice??? oof lol

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