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  • Let me preface this by saying that Han is hands down the best source here. If someone asked me to rate him on a scale from 1 being worse and 10 being best…I’d give him an 11. I have 100% confidence in this source when it comes to providing excellent products and service.

    Packaging: 10/10

    It is professional and super discreet. Every pack I’ve ordered from him has been packaged the EXACT same!! It’s obvious he puts a lot of his time and effort into packing everything. I’ve never received dirty or crashed gear

    Customer service: 10/10

    He is super professional. I ordered some of his viagra on my first order. And it was around 1am and I was about to get my freak on, so I said fuck it I’m trying viagra tonight. I go and open it up and find a single all red capsule amongst blue /white capsules. Naturally I was concerned and I immediately emailed Han. This man replied 1 minute later and answered every single question and concern I had.

    Gear: 11/10

    This mans gear is something else. His labeling is the most professional I’ve seen by far. Looks like it’s straight from the pharmacy. His injectables are super smooth and free of dust/debris. Every thing is VERY consistent.

    Overall you will not be disappointed at all. Can it sometimes take a minute for him to respond? Sure! He has a life, but it also takes time to be precise, diligent, and consistently do everything with such perfection. @HunterPharm

  • Awesome review for an awesome source. Thank you for sharing your experience. Han is the man.

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