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  • I ordered on Friday(10/23) but due to my mistake the package wasn’t sent out until Saturday and arrived today (Monday 10/26). Amazon Prime type of speed, didn’t expect it to be so quick. I put the order through on Friday and only put my last name as the delivery name because that’s what I typically do when I order things that are ok for my wife or I to open. As Trip was about to send the package out he decided only having what appeared to be an alias on the package was too risky. I 100% agree with his decision and take full responsibility for the 24 hr delay on the package being sent out. Trip got the package out first thing Saturday morning and immediately sent me the tracking number via email.

    Package arrived stealth and packed with extreme care. Honestly, I’ve never received a package put together with such care. The goods were wrapped in paper towel, vacuumed sealed twice and wrapped in bubble wrap twice. All goods had labels and all appear in good shape. I wouldn’t second guess doing business with Trip again.

    AllNatural no more.

  • Thank you so much AllNatural! You were a pleasure to do business with and feel free to reach out anytime - let me know how your cycle goes. I look forward to your next order!

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