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  • TripleBSolutions was my next choice in sourcing for my gear after what SouthernCompounding did us dirty and bounced. New to SST, but I can assure you this source has super human speed when it comes to response in your orders and questions. I thought it may have taken a half day or maybe even a couple hours for a response, but on my first order I just checked my email for shits and giggles after moments of sending my order. And… there he was fully prepared! And I swear, his response was even faster this go around when I confirmed that payment!! Makes you feel even more confident when he sends an email the next day of your tracking order!!! This guy is on top of his game and I just can’t seem to stop ordering from this dude. I have full confidence with this source and gladly happy for this connection. It’s a pleasure doing business and can’t wait to test the products. I’ll be sure to leave a review on those also so anyone who’s skeptical of using TripleBSolutions won’t have a single worry when ordering from this source!

    Thanks bud!

  • Thank you for the great review! Happy to be of service.

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