What has been your favorite brand of HGH?

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  • @ThatSteroidGuy if we’re taking pharm.
    I favor humatrope, sero, norditropin in that order. No complex dosing schedules, either pm of split am/pm dependent on dose. Sadly budget is an issue here.

    Currently using @GoodLyfe in a bit of a different way. Just using 10iu 2x per week after lower body days.

  • I’ve never had the pleasure of using pharm, but I did have some of TP’s black tops that treated me very well. Only time I “felt” the GH. Slept better, hair and nails were glorious, hand swelling lol.

    About to start PharmaHGH’s mauves soon.

  • I’ve tried TP blacktops > Saizen by MSD > TP greytops each at ~3iu but I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference, though I didn’t get IGF-1 bloods for each of them to compare.

    I think this is up to personal experience - while I recommend starting off with a good generic, switching to a good pharma gh just for a month at most is worthwhile just for the peace of mind.

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