Need Some Guidance With GH And Slin Timing

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  • Let me start off by saying I am an experienced AAS user. Been taking this seriously for 12 years and have been cycling on and off for about 7 years. I’ve never been a heavy dose user, my heaviest cycle ever was Test E 750mgs, EQ 600mgs and Anadrol 50mgs a day. I have grown very well off of moderate doses, but it’s time to go into the freak leagues.

    I am 30 years old, 5’10’’ and currently 238lbs at 11% bodyfat. Just got scanned this morning. I have been cutting down on just test e 250mgs, mast e 300mgs and 2.5 ius blue top GH in the AM to prime myself for a heavy bulk cycle.

    I have only used GH for cutting and have never used slin before. I am in possession of both Humulin R and Humalog. There’s so many differing opinions on how to run this shit it’s mind boggling. I want to do it as simple and safe as possible.

    My basic questions are when to pin the growth and humalog around my workouts. I’m very aware of the carb intake and meal timing for the most part. Have a glucometer as well. I probably won’t even touch the Humulin unless it’s in the morning pre breakfast at some point.

    My other compounds I’ll be running are just test e, EQ and anadrol. Haven’t decided on the doses just yet.

    I’m trying to become a monster boys, any guidance and experience is greatly appreciated.

  • Would you be willing to keep a log on the forum? Interested to see when you pin hgh/slin, amount of carbs taken and when, etc. Thanks and good luck.

  • @lynxpoint 100%. There’s not enough of this to be found online IMO. Was going to plan on doing it mid December. I’d like to help who I can through error and success.

  • @The_DGB2 If you want to run two types of insulin I would grab some Lantus. How much GH are you planning to run with the insulin?

    AM Pre-breakfast - Lantus/GH, AM Post-Breakfast Humalog then workout.
    During workout sip on a fast acting carb heavy drink and a protein shake.
    Post workout - Carb/Protein heavy meal, Humalog/GH.
    Dinner - Premeal - Humalog.

    Obviously don’t just dive into that regime, I would start out with one form of insulin and begin with 5iu pre-workout and go from there. Get a Glucose Reader and keep some fast acting carbs handy. You are going to feel bloated for a bit and you need to eat more than you think you do.

  • @The_DGB2 not trying to diss this board or anything but I’d look up this topic on mesorx forum. The guys there are really helpful and I can guarantee this has been answered in past threads. I personally haven’t used growth and insulin yet so I can’t help much beyond the limited amount I already know.
    If you have access to a coach that could be very helpful, that’s how I learned everything I know. Also, milos Sarcev is known to be good with these things look him up on YouTube. Jordan Peters also has good info on his board but it’s a membership board you pay for. I’m pretty sure he learned most of what he knows regarding this topic from milos as well.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy A healthy person does not need Humalog either, but we are talking about optimizing a cycle for as much muscle gain as possible for an advanced user.

  • There are some good points in here but what I read is this is your first time and simple IMO will be best so what is that?

    Your focused on growth, I see your taking 2.5iu gh, idk if that’s changing or not, just take it before bed simple. Doesn’t need to be around the workout.

    Insulin, also doesn’t necessarily need to be around the workout depending on which one you choose. If your going to use the humalin start with a few ius at breakfast feel it out, bump it up a couple at a time no rush, maybe work up to 10 units max. Once hit here if you have the desire to continue start with another few units 5 hours later, again you can work that up to 10. This will be more than enough especially for a first run, obviously need carbohydrates during meals to cover this but I’m assuming you know that and that is why I say work up slowly over a few weeks.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy 👌👌

  • @ThatSteroidGuy Insulin primarily regulates glucose, I am not disputing that. Insulin has some other great properties that make it great for someone who is looking to add mass. It increases muscle protein synthesis, increases muscle blood flow, and its anti-catabolic, among other benefits. Lantus specifically has been shown to increase IGF1 more than other forms of insulin. There is a reason why pro bodybuilders include Lantus in their stack. I agree with you that glucose monitoring is very important.

    No disrespect taken and none meant!

  • @TripleBSolutions Lantus is absolutely valuable, used by many. For one the IGF stated here. It is extremely easily used since there is a lack of a peak so timing is less important and also used when carbs get extremely high to simply relive some burden on the pancreas. So I agree there is absolutely merrit for Lantus use in right circumstances.

  • @TripleBSolutions Thanks for the reply, I’ll be going up to 6ius of growth on training days. I cannot workout in the AM. workouts will be around 630pm most days because of work schedule. In bed by 10pm most nights too bit concerned with slin that late before bed.

  • @BigDaddyV5150 I will look into those boards. Thanks man!

  • @ThatSteroidGuy My man, I truly appreciate the detailed response. The cycle looks similar to what I was going to run actually. I’ll be using PHARMAS Mauve tops. Never ran more than 3 ius a day and was going to run 6ius on training days.

    You mean humalog with literally every meal? No humulin at all? GH with every meal too? What would a gradual build up of both doses of GH and humalog look like?

    Thanks again.

  • @PrimoRox This way definitely seems the most simple lol. I appreciate the easy plan and response. I’ll be going up to 6ius of growth a day with this.

  • @The_DGB2 No worries. It doesn’t need to be complicated.

    So assuming you taper up the gh just take 4iu pre bed. Put the other 2 in the morning if you want some fat loss benefits, if soley focusing on growth put the other 2 post workout assuming there’s a gap between your post workout and pre bed shot

    Simple is easily adhered too which is the main thing in all this.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy Can you recommend a beginner insulin cycle? Would it be Humalog/Novalog post workout? Or Humulin R / Novolin R pre workout?

    For HGH, can I take it EOD while taking insulin daily?

  • @lynxpoint you didn’t ask me, but please see how answered this in the first page of comments for another perspective.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy Humalog was not created for bodybuilders either. Lantus is no more dangerous than any other form of insulin and has irrefutable mass building properties, such as 5-8x IGF1 increase over other forms of insulin. Just like anything else, abuse can have dire consequences. There is no real reason to call each other out. We are both trying to help optimize someone’s cycle even if we have different methods. 🙂

  • @PrimoRox @ThatSteroidGuy Thank you for taking the time to write that out, it was very helpful. I was following the instructions on this page for a beginner post-workout insulin routine:

    On this page, the author states to take one month ‘off’ for insulin sensitivity to restore. Let me know if you agree with the example steps of the ‘cycle’ and everything else, interested to hear your thoughts.

  • @ThatSteroidGuy is it simple to get one of these? Always been interested but really never looked into it.

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