Questions while on cycle;

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  • Testomed E, from ExpressPEDS. I’m rotating six pin sites, the carrier oil is mig840.

    When I inject my deltoids for example, everything goes fine. No pain, no pip. Same for everywhere except my glutes. Every time I inject my glutes I get a rock solid lump around the size and shape of a pair of lips. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t impede activity or manoeuvrability. But it’s there for around 7-9 days. It only happens with Glute injections. I’m pinning 1ml (250mg/ml) and 0.2ml HCG every third day. I’m certain my hygiene and technique are on point, as my wife work in a related industry and she does it.

    I feel more positive, more focused and determined the days after injecting my quads or delts. And my sex drive rockets for a few days also. But I don’t get these after Glute Injections.

    Is there any chance, at all, that I wouldn’t be absorbing the testosterone in these two particular sites? It doesn’t sound like that’s actually possible. But I just don’t understand what’s happening. This is my first cycle, and I’m roughly 1.5 months

    If this also helps, I am retaining no water. I’m gaining roughly a pound a week, and I’m eating like a pig and I’m working out 4-5 times per a week and I’m going hard on the workouts.

    I have preemptively took 12.5 mg aromasin two times, once every 20 days or so. Solely because I’ve been informed that because I was naturally bulking for 6 months before starting cycle that my body fat (roughly 19-20%) would mess me up. Something I’m wondering now if it was worth worrying about.

    I’ve seen anecdotal notes and bloodwork suggesting they ExpressPEDS are legit. That’s why I chose them. But I did have a few questions for them at the start, such as the dates on the ampules not matching with the dates on the boxes and such. I contacted them and was told that it’s standard practice for them to package themselves after receiving the products. Now remember, this is my first cycle, so despite my research there are things I’m yet to learn.

    Thank you in advance for reading this, and any help and insights you can offer me.

  • @OldManMarc What size and length needle are you using for the glute injections?

  • @TripleBSolutions Injecting glutes with 1.5 inch 25g needles.

  • Can you show us on an anatomy chart where exactly you are pinning, and could you show us a photo of somebody who is similar body fat to you? What first comes to mind is a subq shot or subq leak; but 1.5 is not a short needle so more detail is needed.

  • @OldManMarc It sounds like your injection procedure is solid then, I would try Test with a different carrier oil but if you aren’t having a reaction anywhere else I doubt that is the issue.

  • @OldManMarc his gear is good it’s the mig840 most likely.
    A lot of people get bad reactions from it, I personally get sick as a dog when I use mig. The lump is likely nothing serious though

  • @ThatSteroidGuy

    The Reddit Wiki says 1.5inch for glutes. I’ve asked several moderators and members and that was the information I was given.

    I use 1inch for deltoids and quads.

  • I’ve always wondered what would happen if you didn’t go deep enough with a pin . I’m assuming that would be injecting into fat cells. So does the body not absorb that?

  • @loct99 it’ll still be absorbed, really not much difference honestly. Just uncomfortable

  • @OldManMarc don’t get info off reddit bro

  • @OldManMarc bro I use half inch for flutes and delts. Unless you’re holding hella fat that isn’t necessary

  • God damn , 1 inch for the delts?! Unless you’re jay cutler The scar tissue lol. I slin pin those

  • @BigDaddyV5150

    As I was bulking before cycle I am only carrying noticeable weight around my abdomen, some addition weight on my chest. My arms legs and back are still relatively lean.

    Should I try a 1inch for an IM Glute injection?

  • @loct99 I don’t have any trouble with putting the full inch into my delts. There’s no pain or PIP.

    As I said, I got a large amount of info from the steroid forum of Reddit. I’m active there and I placed my trust in their wiki for it. I followed their recommendations, as I knew no better.

  • @OldManMarc couldn’t hurt. I’m pretty lean so half in works great, but I used to use an inch and it was fine. I think it’ll be just fine

  • lol I’ve been using 1.5 for glutes forever… it’s fine…never get pip or oil leak out

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